The CYBERPUNK 2077 LEAK we all want to TRUST!

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Hi guys!!! How are you. Today we bring you our weekly dose of Cyberpunk 2077 with two news, one very good and one very bad. It is not a video to criticize or support, simply to inform you about the game that we want to play as it deserves.

Now it’s your turn… Do you think they rushed to get it out to get there on time? If you were the head of CD Projekt… would you’ve waited for the game to be totally finished? What do you think of the developer’s statements? How do you think the situation will end for CD Projekt Red? Let us know in the comments!

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43 thoughts on “The CYBERPUNK 2077 LEAK we all want to TRUST!”

  1. This all sound very familiar with the devs ….. Anthem had the same issues with moral
    That being said I’m enjoying Cyberpunk, buggy as it is but of course an overhaul would be great

  2. Thank you thank you for bringing it up people was rushing then players and YouTubers fans was getting mad even investors thank you for bringing that point up people seem to forget

  3. holy shit….. if interiors, under ground cities, sewer systems (maybe prison system, and some sort of caves and faction joining) gets added….. itll finally top skyrim as the best fully open world RPG game

  4. people forget the videos people forget how they was getting mad now is all CD Red fault people don't want to take no responsibility this is all on Project CD Red yeah that's right nobody was making Rush videos🙄🙄🙄 I know better in the people that was making these videos know better they just don't want to admit it or they seem to forget all of suddenly

  5. I haven't gotten rid of my copy yet because I want to believe that greatness is on the horizon. Then again, I recently went back and played GTA online after 4 years of being inactive just to see a swift comparison. There is now a DeLorean and flying rocket bike. If cyberpunk does not include these things, character customization, third-person view, a jet pack, and a world way more lively, I don't want it anymore. I even stopped after part 1 because in its current state I don't even want to finish the story. Especially when bugs locked me out of missions or l fall through the freaking world


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