The Complete Cyberpunk 2077 Review and Analysis: Uncovering the Masterpiece

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This is the best Cyberpunk 2077 review on the internet, or your money back.

0:00 The Review
18:21 Political Theory
30:47 Effects of Theory
56:03 Introspection Inside Political Movements
1:07:02 Philosophy Surrounding Technology
1:18:38 Analysis of the Games Ending


42 thoughts on “The Complete Cyberpunk 2077 Review and Analysis: Uncovering the Masterpiece”

  1. Way to misquote bud….
    “Every man has two deaths, when he is buried in the ground and the last time someone says his name. In some ways men can be immortal.” ― Ernest Hemingway

  2. If you want to make an honest review, how about you for starters stop playing on settings that gives you 20 fps?

    You're not adjusting to your hardware, making it seem worse by default – 1hr 40min on garbage.

  3. I just want to add on your part about cyberpsychosis and the neglection to help people with psychologic issues: What I've noticed in the game is that mental illnesses or mental issues in general don't exist in this world. people are not just ignorant of them, they straight up don't know about them.
    When Evelyn Parker commits suicide, judy tells V afterwards that she "checked all her tech, her doll chip and everything was working fine. So why did she do this?" Even V herself spells out she "can't believe Evelyn just gave up". I mean yeah, she made it out alive, her body is still intact, her tech is intact. So why can't she just go on? If you can't even consider the option of trauma, depression etc. maybe you'll come to search at all those wrong places to find answers.
    Alot of the cyberpsycho stories implied that the involving "psychos" have severe mental issues, stress, trauma, depressions or otherwise, yet never is this explicitly written out and often times the "psychosis" is diagnosed from compromised, cheap or broken tech. Furthermore, aside from Regina's comforting messages that those people "will hopefully get the therapy they need, it will all end well for them" the game never gives you a chance to follow up on your success if you evaded to kill any of them. Although this is possibly on of the most stretching quests in the whole game, what you get from it is a severa lack of information. What you get instead is rumors from all across the game that the NCPD actually employs "former" cyberpsychos into their special taskforce Maxtac.
    The explanation might be pretty obvious. In a late capitalist society, mental issues are an inconvenience to corporations who holed out worker's rights to the fullest already. The idea to send people on paid leave just because "they feel bad" is baffling to them. And the NCPD as a "police corporation" might even take this a step further and say hey let's turn this "inconvenience" into revenue by abusing those psychos as killer machines for the sake of profit and outlook.

  4. I haven't finished this yet, and this is a year old but — Thank you for your comments about the protesters / rioters not being violent looters. I live blocks away from where George Floyd was murdered and… It's just really nice to hear that from someone with a platform like you have.

  5. So, a year or so later the game has hammered out the bugs, had an extreme resurgence, and we are looking to Phantom Liberty to be released soon. Even more so than your 9 month ago update. This makes me wonder your thoughts on the meta of the initial fail being made of the initial corporate greed and philosophy to just get it out there and fix it later

  6. Creators like you and the recent actions of CDPR (mod support for TW3 for example) and the continued bug fixes are slowly putting CDPR back on the neutral. Now they just need to NOT FUCK UP the upcoming games and maybe by 2030 or 2040 they'll be back in the good graces of gamers…I sure as hell forget slowly like the Dawi

  7. Why do male gamers play as the female V? Don't you want to get immersed in the game? And women aren't tough.. that was so cringe seeing woman V try and punk the guy that threatened Padre in his car lol wow.. "strong waman” 🤣

  8. They say the black wall is failing but it's an A.I. maybe this is apart of it's plan who knows.

    Best ending imo is Panam's it's the reason I always make a Male V. Made a female V in 2020 and I've just now started playing with her(not that way).

    Soul's games show that immortality is stagnation and something that is truly abnormal and against the very laws of the world.

    On ps5 today I still have problems with the app closing 😑. But it's much better than the release omg just a few more fixes.

  9. I received cyberpunk yesterday off my sister it's truly not as bad as I expected I feel they should have hired Bethesda to work on the gun play aspect of the game because the style and feel of the whole game feels like a Bethesda title

  10. Returning to the game after two years, I cannot begin to describe how well your video managed to put many of my own thoughts and feelings into words. Really appreciate the diligence on display, especially regarding the political and philosophical allusions in the game that, in my opinion, tend to remain underdiscussed and underappreciated.

  11. It's quite possible to store a human brain, quantum computing is so damn powerful that one we go a little further in that area, we will never really have a data problem again. Hell the amount of data one can store in DNA is crazy.
    As for AI running everything – that is the "human" dream. Where no one has to work for money and everyone strives to just enjoy life. That is a lot harder to accomplish than storing human consciousness.

  12. Just bought it from Steam's sale expecting nothing except a giant turd, played the game through with multiple different endings and enjoyed it thoroughly. Game is gud now. Is gud. Regards, Horse

  13. This game there’s something about it, the feeling I get from it, makes me mental that people just focus on the bugs, yes the game came out in a unpolished state but you got the everything they didn’t add a entire new game inside of the game and put a price tag on it

  14. Late Stage Capitalism is private prisons,its making anti homeless devices like the bars on park benches or the spikes they put under stairs to stop people sleeping on the floor,its flushing chemicals into public rivers because its cheaper to pay the fine than to dispose of it properly,its making an opiod paikiller knowing it was highly addictive & then telling doctors it wasnt addictive & it was safe to give out to anyone knowing thet would become addicted & therefore repeat customers & then paying a small fine in relation to te profits made or by lobbying politicians to mandate a treatment they know is only 20% effective at best with serious side effects & then have governments pay billions for shots of that "Treatment".
    Its private healthcare for profit,its healthcare insuance that makes a profit from not paying out,that is late stage Capitalism.

  15. I recently got the game finished it played it through a few of the things got me thinking but Your view on this game has opened my mind props and thanks for making this video on your view appreciate it.

  16. Fantastic essay. Many people do not talk about the inherently sociopolitical, philisophical, and existential questions that are derived from the extrapolated view of our impending future


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