The Biggest Problem I Have in Cyberpunk 2077

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Today I will talk about Jackie Welles in Cyberpunk 2077. This character has been heavily underutilized in the game and that can potentially create narrative problems for the intro to Night City and beyond.

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37 thoughts on “The Biggest Problem I Have in Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. The montage during the intro needs to go away. It should've been the best part to introduce us to Night City and bonding with Jackie

    I don't care if the mission is just to go buy the bloody car with Jackie, give us more Jackie!

  2. Yes CDPR F-ed up, in my 2nd life path I got legendary very thing b4 The Heist (broke out of the lock down to do). In an attempt to save Jackie (it all happened to fast to lose Jackie & even when you mention with Panam asking about it was pretty lame resulting outcomes), enjoy your clips gl on the path.

  3. Yes, it is a shame that Jackie died and so early in the game. Not to mention skipping the first six months that V and Jackie were in Night City. I say that while still liking the game (PC). Just one of the disappointing things that is missing that could have made a good game GREAT.

  4. I have been saying that since they gave you Jackie in that prequel montage they robbed you of the opportunity to get comfortable with Jackie and actually understand who he is and then you get a few missions with him and he dies. Had they done it where you're playing those prequel missions and you're getting to interact with them for a few hours, introducing you to Mama Wells, Vic, and everybody else that you supposedly have good contacts with then his death would make more impact on you in the story.

  5. YES I agree 100%!!! I was honestly disappointed as well and I thought.. WHY is no one else talking about this??? I love the game but come on why contain Spoilers in your trailer …Very bad Marketing Decision on CDPRs behalf… Hope they flash out the Intro with Jackie..

  6. Yes the main story was way too short, it can be done in 15 hrs. It was a big problem for me but it also ties into what I think is the biggest problem.

    The lifepaths should have been substantially different from one another. Not just in dialogue options but in actual quests. If they made each lifepath playthrough 15 hrs long but completely different questlines I would not have been so disappointed in the game. That would have given 45 hrs of main quests, similar in total to length of Witcher main story.

    I think the claim they wanted to shorten the story so more people would finish is just PR spin. They could have done what I suggested above and it would have satisfied both those who wanted a shorter story and those who wanted something more like Witcher length.

    Considering the amount of extra resources availiable to them when developing Cyberpunk it is not an unreasonable expectation to at least match Witcher in this regards.

    The way they handled Jackie Wells in the marketing and the actual game was amateur. Who thought a montage would be a good way to develop the players relationship with Jackie. Also it is beyond belief that they included the huge spoiler about Jackies demise in an actual promotional trailer …. I just can't comprehend how that was decided upon.

    These are just some of the red flags pointing to a deeper malaise at CD Projekt red. The way senior management run the company is one problem it seems, but also I think many of the devs that made witcher games have moved on. It is the devs that make games great not company's.

    We have seen this so many times before where studios have made great games but when devs move on the subsequent games they produce have lost that magic that the previous devs brought. Mass Effect Andromeda springs to mind after the fantastic Mass Effect Trilogy.

    It saddens me that CD Projekt Red have have fallen from the lofty heights they achieved with Witcher and I hope in their next releases they get back to the benchmark they set .

  7. I agree the main story was really short I was kinda surprised how they were just a few main mission quest lines this game just screams rushed and half finished its still a good game but man what a let down Witcher 3 makes this game look bad.

  8. LTM I agree with everything u said
    When I first played game,I searched everywhere,I thought there has to be a secret way to save him.The montage is probably the result of laziness,unfinished side quests with Jackie, so they made that,the actor who played Jackie wants more work with CDPR again,shouldn't be too hard to add side quests before The Heist and like previous reply there's a way to save him,and u seen him or hear from him end of game

  9. This game would be fuckin amazing with V and Jackie alone in the city. No need for bullshit Silverhand to be the main thing of the story. Just V and Jackie surviving in the NC and etting higher in street cred. That would be so good.

  10. I have been waiting for you to make a video on the CP patches as I think you are more balanced than others but I am glad you made this video. It looks like they had a creative direction change once they brought Keanu in to the game which changed the entire story. It appeared that there may have been some other story arcs that got cut as a result, Jackie's being one. The montage was an indicator that they simply ran out of time.

    I think you put into words something I had been thinking for a while. Why not make the first act with Jackie be more robust and build upon that story before taking away our choomba if that had to be done for the sake of the story and not avoidable. Sometimes I enjoy playing with out Jackie and other times I miss that pendejo.

    I do enjoy the story but mainly play for experiencing the world and the hidden gems that CDPR has sprinkled through out the game.

  11. Absolutely on point, jackie was honestly my favorite character in the story despite the tiny amount of screen time he had and i think that just says something, I really hope in a DLC they go crazy and let us experience those months with him. We spent a few days with him and we were already that attached, imagine the value those few months ingame would've held

  12. I agree with your point LKM, but IMO the lack of RPG elements was the biggest let down. Imagine if every mission had the choice and consequence of the Meredith Stout-Maelstrom mission. That's what they marketed.


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