The BEST Build for Every Cyberdeck in Cyberpunk 2077!

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7 Cyberdecks means 7 different netrunner builds in Cyberpunk 2077. These vary pretty wildly from devastating purerunners to explosive contagion users!

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Militech Paraline – Netgunner:

Arasaka – Shadowrunner:

Biotech Sigma – Brain Melter:

Netwatch Netdriver – God of Machines:

Militech Canto – Blood Daemon:

Raven Microcyber – Fatal Virality (Crowdkiller):

Tetratronic Rippler – Purerunner:

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00:00 Intro
00:33 Paraline Netgunner
04:56 Arasaka Shadowrunner
07:57 Biotech Σ Brainmelter
10:49 Netwatch God of Machines
13:15 Canto Blood Daemon
15:56 Raven Fatal Virality
19:36 Tetratronic Purerunner
23:38 Conclusion


27 thoughts on “The BEST Build for Every Cyberdeck in Cyberpunk 2077!”

  1. I love the Rippler. In this game you can play aggressively without Sandy or a cyberdeck, taking everyone out with throwing knives or a suppressed Pride/Her Majesty before they can fully aggro, but when they do, or when stealth isn't an option, you can throw a smoke/pop Optical Camo, sprint in with a katana with the Chimera mod, slice some fools up, pop Overclock in the middle of the group you baited in, automatically hitting them with Reboot Optics & Weapon Glitch, then almost infinitely decimate literally everything on the map with it. So fun and satifying.

  2. 20:34 I’m running this cyberdeck, I always have, and I’m a little thrown off by the build compared to my own, because I got all slots filled with this build and int at either 15 or 20 and I’ve been using it as a netblader, throwing knives and mantis, chitin and ram reallocation, as well as the skeleton iconic(can’t think of name). So in other words you want 20 to tech and 20 to int and 20 in reflex with 15 in cool and nothing but basic regeneration in body. And basically I can stealth kill in 1-2 shots or knives, I can overclock and wipe out most groups with ease, the mitigation chance after dashing perk combined with the cyberware that does the same thing means I can air dash everywhere and almost never take a shot, all the while tossing rounds or knives and quick hacking anything I’m too lazy to take out any other way.

  3. The first build I made pretty much on my own is most similar to the Tetratronic build but invested more in the Cool stat with some extra stealth boosts and less pure hacking, probably 2/3 hacking and 1/3 stealth hybrid using Her Majesty and Overwatch currently. I can wipe out most enemies with just hacking but also have enough damage and stealth to sneak around and wipe out a base without being detected. I tried Hard on my first run through this game, and at this difficulty I don't feel like I need any more hacking power. I'm mangling bosses with hacking already even though I didn't go 100% pure hacking and have started to seriously consider if I need to move up to Very Hard. I sacrificed the Dash for other things and have like 20/20/20 Int/ Tech/ Cool and ~16 Body/ 4 Reflex.

  4. Personally I would avoid both Copy-Paste and Spillover for the Shadowrunner Build. Yes, you have abilities to reduce tracing and will finally be able to exit combat with the Relic perk, but why force yourself to act? Just avoid them and use memory wipe to completely stay out of combat without any tracing and you don't even need the Shadowrunner Perk anymore and instead you can skill more smart weapons or pistols to have a few more options for the occasional fights that aren't avoidable.

  5. Hey quick question on your Purerunner build ! I m actually using a similar build based on builds found on YT but even with the perks and, Cyberware and quickhack chains I can't deal over 11.000 damages at a time (even when the build was showing dealing 30.000).. I'll try your quickhack queue but I doubt on having same damages :/ I play on Normal difficulty, are you playing on VH or do you have idea on why I can't reach that amount of damages ?

  6. To whom it may concern: Highly recommend the purple tier memory wipe quick hack for stealth netrunners. It does the same thing as reboot optics for a shorter duration but its like 20 ram cheaper than the legendary tier mem wipe. Staggers enemies when they’re in combat too


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