TEST STREAM | Completing Side Missions in Jhonny's PORSHE | CYBERPUNK 2077

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TODAY Lets Have Some Fun Roaming in Night City Completing Side Missions in Jhonny Silverhand’s Porshe!

About the Channel,
On this Channel I upload gameplays of various games and also do occasional live streaming.

About Me,
I am Ishan Thavi, a CS(company Secretary) student. Though the channel says “THE POOR GAMER’ I will not necessarily call myself a gamer. I just love playing games and also watcing them on YouTube and other streaming platforms so I thought Why not just record the gameplays of the games I play! Hope you will enjoy it!
My PC Specs,
Intel Core i5 3740s
8gb ddr3 ram
Gigabyte radeon RX 480 4gb
Zebronics h61 motherboard
Corsair VS 500 PSU
Sumsung SyncMaster 1360×768 monitor
Chiptronex MX1 rgb cabinet

My laptop Specs,
Intel Core i3 6006u
12gb ddr4 ram
Intel hd 520 IGPU

I edit all my videos on windows inbuilt video editor
Yes you can do gaming, editing and streaming on such a limited hardware
Don’t let your limitations be your excuses!
Happy Gaming!


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