Sub 10FPS Without DLSS? Cyberpunk 2077 On RTX 3080 & 10900K | Early RT & DLSS Testing

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Let’s take a look at Cyberpunk 2077 running on an Nvidia RTX GeForce RTX 3080 with an Intel 10900K with 32GB DDR4. We’ll take a look at the performance of the game running at 4K, with Ray Tracing enabled, and how the game is basically unplayable at maximum quality without heavy usage of DLSS if you wish to game at 4k.

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23 thoughts on “Sub 10FPS Without DLSS? Cyberpunk 2077 On RTX 3080 & 10900K | Early RT & DLSS Testing”

  1. The Witcher 3 ran like poop until 6 months worth of patches were released

    I love when the PC community buys top end parts and full priced games only to get a crap experience

    Here I am with a higher mid rig 6 months later with a better experience lol

  2. Turn the "Cascaded Shadows Resolution" from high to medium. Boost almost two times the fps. There 🙂

    Some more tweaks that helps:

    Chromatic Aberration = OFF

    Film Grain = OFF

    Motion Blur = OFF

    RTX = OFF

    DLSS = ON

    Depth of Field = OFF

    Lens Flare = OFF

    Contact Shadows = OFF

    Improved Facial Lighting Geometry = OFF

    Anisotropy: 16

    Local Shadow Mesh Quality, Local Shadow Quality, and Cascaded Shadow Range are all on high

    Cascaded Shadow Resolution = Medium

    Distant Shadow Resolution = High

    Volumetric Fog Resolution = High (turned down from ultra)

    Volumetric Cloud Resolution = High (turned down from ultra)

    Max Dynamic Decals = High (turned down from ultra)

    Screen Space Reflections Quality = Ultra

    Subsurfance Scattering Quality, Ambient Occlusion, Color precision, Mirror quality, and Level of Detail are all on High

  3. In my belief, the Nvidia 3080/90 and AMD 68/6900 XT GPU’s will be midrange GPU’s that will play next gen games at 2K 60fps by the end of next year… Cyberpunk clearly brought these new GPU’s to their knees and these cards just came out. If you’re on a budget buy a Series X or PS5. If you have more $$$ get ready to drop some money because anything that’s not Nvidia or AMD’s top end cards are a waste of time and money.

  4. Today's Patch bumped up the game about 10-15 FPS overall, but holy hell its demanding af. This game punishes my EVGA RTX 3090. I was able to make a couple tweaks and mostly sustain 60FPS in 4k with the game settings cranked up, but still the Ray Tracing in this game defiantly tanks it.

  5. Hello I am using a rx 5700 xt with a 3900x and running the game at 5120x1440p (ULTRA WIDE). I have custom settings on to reach 30 – 45 fps and still give back a pretty picture and plus with a freesync display it was a smooth experience. [NOW THE SETTINGS I USE] Contact shadows [ON], Improved Facial Lighting [ON], Anisotropy [16x], Level of detail [HIGH], Ambient occlusion [HIGH]. After testing I decided to drop the res to 3840x1080p(ULTRA WIDE) and was able to get 55-60 fps solid.

  6. Lol I have Gtx 1080 Which is struggling to get 60fps consistent With medium presets at 1080p wheares PS5 Performs better than gtx 1080 with same level of graphics and With higher resolution (1200p)In this game 😱😱😱😂😂😂


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