Stadium Love & Space Oddity | Cyberpunk 2077 – Blind Playthrough [Part 17]

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Mods Installed:
First equip animation
Immersive Bartending
Immersive Food Vendors
Hide read shards
Quiet menus
No intro
Unequip Mods:
All adverts in 4K quality:
No More Out-Leveling Vendor Items


48 thoughts on “Stadium Love & Space Oddity | Cyberpunk 2077 – Blind Playthrough [Part 17]”

  1. I absolutely love the Nomad vehicles, one of the two I main is a tricked out lategame Nomad car. Their handling tends to be a bit crazy though.
    Divided We Stand is a really really good weapon to use with a thermal monowire. Hit them with the chemical damage then jump in and slap them and they explode even harder due to fire damage. Really good gun throughout the game. My Netrunner build is using it constantly. It'd probably work with other thermal weapons too but monowire has a wide area of attack. Another thermal monowire combo is the Contagion quickhack + the cyberdeck that increases quickhack spread, meaning you can poison huge groups and the explode them with your wire.

    For build-planning (and accounting for the free attribute reset) you get enough attribute points at max level to get 20/20/20/18/3 for your stats. Realistically you'll probably want to make the lowest attribute 4 at minimum to get access to the lowest skill tier. It's also recommended to get started on Phantom Liberty since it has new stuff that can affect your build choices.

  2. You can sell loot directly to ripperdocs without having to exit the surgery panel. Just look at the top of the screen and switch to the Trade tab.
    Quick reminder that you can animate the weapons by double-tapping the equip button. So select the weapon you want to animate, holster it then bring it back with a double-tap. It will animate properly, unless the installed mod interferes with it.
    My approach to gigs is to do them as required by the fixer and once I get the "contract closed" I just go back in guns blazing to search for valuable loot, because there is no consequence anymore for the gig itself.

  3. Just wanted to leave you some kudos, Mapo. I popped over to my subscriptions tab, and your output is NEXT LEVEL. I can't imagine how much work this must be to get out so many videos on a consistent basis. Thank you for all the content, man! It's been a blast to watch.

  4. I still felt like a lot of the vehicles were way too slippy and would spin out super easy. It may just be because i play on mouse and keyboard so finer control of vehicles isn't really possible, but trying to drive any of the sports cars like my new favorite the Herrera RIptide it would spin out and crash trying to take even a wide turn. I ended up downloading a mod that just upped the overall grip of all vehicles and that made it feel better, tighter control and less spinning out.

  5. ahaha I love how the dude specifically told V to use the provided revolver because they're "testing skill not tech", basically "don't cheat" and Mapo INSTANTLY goes "but what if I doooo?" 😂

  6. 1:15:00
    Maps: Hey I remember that guy, he's the one from the other shooting contest, he was thrown out because he tried to use a shotgun
    5 seconds later
    Maps: I don't like this revolver, let me check if I can use my Dying Night gun

  7. I don't understand Mapo's reluctancy to progress the main quest. I think he should do at least one main quest per episode. I don't know where he is right now in the game, because he records these in advance, but at this point he seems to have forgotten that unless you do other main quests, the main story won't progress, he could remain trapped in this drawn out cycle of gigs and side missions for many episodes.

    I understand that he is just enjoying the game at his own pace, but you are posting it as entertainment for others to watch, so you can at least give people a balanced episode where you tackle the big impactful moments of the game and also those moments where you just mess around and explore, which are important too, I'm not saying they are not.

    I think let's players need to compromise, most of them don't like comments like these, because they feel like they are being told how they should play their game, but it's not like I'm going uninvited into this guy's room and start telling him how to play, you are making it public, I think you gotta give your audience something.

  8. You can turn off cameras using technical ability – just have to get close enough to reach them first. Also, thera are filters on the left side of your map, so you can customize what you see and don't see like gigs, drop points and NCPD missions. Love your videos!

  9. You should really buy the cyberware "Reinforced Tendons" upgrades for your legs. The double-jump makes moving around much more fun and it unlocks many new ways to enter buildings 🙂

  10. Buddy…you have to upgrade your Iconics to keep them viable in fights. BTW…you'll get your Samurai jacket in a later gig. You won't find it in a shop. You need to be more diligent in looting and picking up components/junk and upgrading…unexciting but an important part of the game. There's an IL Padre gig you can do, helping out Jake Estevez that will net you a nice car for free… Jobs and etc. get unchecked on the map [bugged, I guess]…got to recheck them. Getting a cyberpsycho to 1% generally means ONE MORE HIT will take them down alive. I think this is new in 2.11. I generally use a shot from my weakest pistol. Haha…you have to use the Sixth Street revolver. Not too hard to win the competition…just remember to reload between stages. If you've fought with a lot of Sixth Streeters, you'll get a nasty surprise. The Rose and Juliet story is truly tragic. If you upgrade Intelligence to 9, you can be a powerful netrunner without having to commit a lot of attribute points to it. Then just get a high Tier cyberdeck.

  11. Tip; You can generally defeat cyberpsychos with any weapon, even those that are not labeled non-lethal. When you defeat them they'll be left unconscious on the ground regardless for some reason, which kinda defeats the purpose of non-lethal weapons, I suppose. I don't know if this is intended or a bug, but I thought I might tell you for the sake of convenience. Try it for yourself, just do a quicksave beforehand to be safe.

  12. Some almost spoiler-free hints about vehicles:

    1.) You want to get a good offroad vehicle sooner rather than later. There isn't a lot of required offroading but what there is will hurt SO MUCH LESS if you have the right car on hand. There's some free ones if you know where to look but the Colby Butte from Autofixer is perfectly fine for offroad driving, reasonably nimble on roads, and pretty cheap to boot.

    2.) Phantom Liberty, once started, contains a way to make collecting vehicles FAR easier, so don't worry about what the massive pricetags might mean for your completionist tendencies.

    3.) Get yourself that Porsche convertible.

  13. I dont know how anyone hasnt said it yet but Mapo you dont need to end them with the non lethal weapon to keep em alive, you can just shoot them, just gotta be careful not to shoot em when they go down.
    edit: welp seems i spoke too soon, found out on ya own haha

  14. Lol the moment you realize all the trouble you went through to not kill cyberpsychos was for nothing cuz they don't die unless you finish them off regardless of your weapons status

  15. to be honest most of these nomad cars are just the best. even the small ugly ones.
    if i remember right you have installed a mod for better car handling? nomad cars basically have that included. they dont slide, drift, break out, and on bumpy terrain they still manage to go fast without taking damage or rolling over


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