Quest Director plays Cyberpunk 2077 #84!

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As it was 16 days before the release of Phantom Liberty, I decided to show up properly dressed for this fantastic occasion. My last stream before the release!

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world RPG that I have co-created. As I love talking about design, storytelling, and psychology in games, I have started streaming on Twitch and discussing it all with my audience.

My goal is to share everything I have learned over a decade in the AAA games industry, openly exchange ideas, explain creative decisions, and encourage the next generation of game designers and storytellers to create.

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Timestamps for your viewing experience:

0:00​​​ – Music starts
04:52 – The stream starts
16:50 – How I feel before the release
20:20 – Moving to Boston
24:15 – RPG elements in 2.0
26:22 – Polish voice cast
27:25 – Art style on Unreal
28:12 – Leaving RED Engine
29:20 – Not disappointing audience
30:20 – Preserving iconic elements of IP
32:24 – Showing game early
38:10 – Phantom Tour Beijing
40:35 – New weapons in the game
43:30 – RED crew on Phantom Tour Beijing
45:25 – CDPR documentary
47:18 – Qualities of good employees
53:00 – Turning trauma around
55:30 – Human as adaptation machine
1:00:20 – Play on 2.0 from beginning
1:04:00 – Phantom Liberty video by Suzi
1:08:13 – Cyberpunk 2077 passed 500K positive reviews
1:09:40 – My hope for the review score
1:15:55 – Patch 2.0 vs. Phantom Liberty content
1:22:30 – Healing items update
1:24:00 – Exiting perk for netrunners
1:27:10 – Starting work on Phantom Liberty
1:28:32 – Unreal 5.3
1:30:40 – Bosses on 2.0
1:35:05 – Headlights of the cars
1:40:15 – Cyberpunk 2077 by Much118x:
1:44:28 – Other games impacting reviews of Phantom Liberty
1:49:30 – Movies to watch before Phantom Liberty
1:53:46 – Kurt Hansen
1:54:47 – NCPD Hussles
1:56:32 – Discussing Uncharted games
1:58:06 – DLSS 3.5
2:02:35 – Headgear by IKEUCHI
2:05:55 – Lizzy Wizzy cosplay video
2:11:15 – Lizzy Wizzy cosplay pictures
2:13:45 – German documentary about CDPR
2:19:00 – Johnny Silverhand Taryn cosplay
2:21:00 – Old generation of consoles
2:24:50 – Promised Land videos
2:33:30 – Promised Land lectures and workshops
2:35:30 – Closing thoughts
2:39:09 – Stream ending

Thank you for watching!


27 thoughts on “Quest Director plays Cyberpunk 2077 #84!”

  1. Again, thank you so much to CDPR for continuing to work on Cyberpunk 2077. I'm just really happy for you (and for us as fans) how you turned things around and looking forward to playing 2.0, Phantom Liberty, and then hopefully one day the sequel in the new engine. Hopefully we get to experience a whole Cyberpunk series/trilogy similar to Witcher 1-3.

  2. I've been on Cyberpunk 2077 since release day. The beginning was admittedly rough, but I loved the story and the world, and its characters (PANAM!!). I'm happy that the game is finally receiving its flowers and how much smoother it has become. Pawel, you and the whole team should be proud of yourselves. Can't wait for the future of the franchise!!

  3. When you first said "it is the last stream…" I was shocked before you added "…before the Phantom Liberty release" 😀

    Great looks for this stream as well, I totally didn't expect the suit 😎

    See you in the post Phantom Liberty release world, may it be bright!

  4. Man I respect Paweł. I'm gonna miss him when we're done with cyberpunk. I Hope he keeps streaming other stuff afterwards, since I imagine Orion is going to take a looong time.


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