Phantom Liberty Cinematic Trailer Reaction – DESHPLEASE

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DESHY REACTS to the newest Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Cinematic Trailer

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11 thoughts on “Phantom Liberty Cinematic Trailer Reaction – DESHPLEASE”

  1. OMG!!! I'm so glad I waited to watch that!! Much better watching it while you react to it!! I'm so excited!!! My favorite part was just everything to do with Idris!!! Let's Go!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  2. I had to pause my current playthrough because Im starting comepletely from scratch. I have over 400hours of the game, I just never managed to finish the main storyline from trying builds and all of the other content, and mods .lol So im hyped.

  3. Loved your reaction to this trailer. Always glad to see another person who loves Cyberpunk as I do ^^

    Played the game on launch with a mid-range PC and experienced very minimal issues. It connected to me at an emotional level so I waited till I got better upgrades on my PC before experiencing half of the game because I want to experience it with better visuals and performance. Playing it with ray tracing is so good and I can't wait to upgrade my PC again to enjoy it with path tracing.

  4. If you rewatch it knowing the twist, you'll notice red flags much earlier than that. After he tells her his plans to go to the taco stand, before she replies, you see she already has tears welling up in her eyes as she smiles. That smile wasn't fake because he can't see her, she's really smiling there but it's more like a smile you'll give to an old friend you're saying goodbye to and he makes a joke before he leaves on an airplane to somewhere far away. So she's basically coming to terms right then that this might be their last interaction and you also get the sense that she doesn't want to betray him.


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