Panam Palmer is the BEST Romance Option in Cyberpunk 2077! (She's Perfect)

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9 thoughts on “Panam Palmer is the BEST Romance Option in Cyberpunk 2077! (She's Perfect)”

  1. Panam Chads stay winning as usual, we have more Ws than the Welsh Language

    Judysimps stay seething with a character that's been scissored more than grade school construction paper

  2. I love me some Panam Palmer. If I had to choose who the finest romance character in gaming is for me it would be her. The atmosphere at the farmhouse with them flirting and her theme playing in the background makes it one of the best scenes in the game for me. That said I will say this. I chose leaving with her and the Aldecados as her partner as my Cyberpunk 2077 ending. I think she will eventually become a good leader but she needs a second voice to balance her out and it can't be V. For their relationship to be strong and the family to flourish she needs a voice of caution. She does begin to see how being the leader is harder than she thought in the romance ending voice call to v about hunkering down. She may not understand it now but she's probably learning what Saul went through and she'll learn to empathize with him more. When you ride with V to rescue Saul she mentions how she likes to remember the gung-ho Saul that crossed the border under bombardment and did flaming figure 8's. That's the Saul before the weight of responsibility started bearing down. That's the Saul Panam see's herself as in 2077.

    Also back when CDPR confirmed she was 33 it made her hotter IMO.

  3. I honestly don't like when they give someone a defined age, I prefer just a generalized open ended option. Like "Panam looks Ike mid to late twenties or so" and that's all you can guess. Same with V, since it's supposed to be "you." Let me assume V is the age I want him to be, which is my case is 33 since that's my actual age. I dunno, just always bugged me a little.


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