My Most Bittersweet Review To Date – Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

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Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty expansion is here but I find myself in a tough spot as I write my review. This is so very bittersweet. Goodbye Cyberpunk! What a sendoff!

All Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay is b-roll provided by CD Projekt Red btw showcased on PC Ultra and Xbox Series X with various settings as seen in the video.

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48 thoughts on “My Most Bittersweet Review To Date – Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty”

  1. Are they still using the red engine right now? I just wanna make sure everything’s all good in that manner. I have a Ryzen 9 5900 X. A RX 6700 XT and A B550 motherboard with 32 GB of RAM and I just wanna make sure that it’s going to run nicely when this game comes out LMK.

    PS when I start the game do I have to start phantom liberty separately?

  2. Even though it's not going to come out on the PS4 my can always just watch it.😔😔. Even though I'm still sad but it's not coming to the PS4 I accept it with a gracious heart.😎😎😎😎😎😎.

  3. Never understood why CDPR wasted sooo many resources trying to revive a dead game, they killed it by releasing it in such a state but instead of just taking the L & moving on to the games we actually want from them, we waited ALL this time for a lackluster "expansion" 🤦

  4. I played it heavily at launch and heat a good time even tho they straight up lied to us. Then I put it down and everytime I went back to try after a big update I always had ctds within 15 mins. This happened about 3 times and so I never cared to come back to it.

  5. The end? Only random articles said this.

    CDPR didn't say this directly. They didn't 100 percent double down that this was the end of an expansion/content for the game though. Heard there was supposed to be a couple more. This is just the beginning.

  6. I preordered the game back then and managed to pull off the first playthrough without much game breaking bugs which was lucky for me and I stopped playing it since. But from what I have observed, other than bugs , a lot of details and efforts were put into building night city and there are many potentials in it. It is good that they managed to pull a No Man Sky style comebacks with patches and boost from the anime series. Its just sad that they somehow screwed up the day one launch . Anyways ,time to rub off the past and I'm ready to start the game all over again with the dlc and see how it goes.

  7. Yeah I hear a lot of people saying 'If you really want to experience the game, go in as yourself and not as some invented character so that way you can really get a feel for it' I guess they are saying that if you RP you miss out on all the features it has to offer.

    Good to hear the game will punish you for not doing the perk and what-not right and biting off more than you could chew with any group or character in the game. Be tougher, be smarter, be more agile because this time it ACTUALLY matters, so to all you noobs out there, prepare to be squashed like a bug if you aren't mindful of how you do this, this time CDPR has made Cyberpunk 2077 feel like it is a game made by them.

    Don't be scared, remember: 'Failure IS the best teacher of all time! Elitism IS for losers.'

  8. Im really trying to give this a chance .. but i may wait cause i was so butned on getting this at launch and spending 60 hours and doing eveything . Realizing this wasnt the game i really wanted

  9. How wonderful that Cyberpunk is finally in a spot where it is good enough to finally be considered ready for release. Imagine what they could have done with it if it hadn't spent the past three years as a flaming shitshow.

  10. Elon Musk said he loves cyberpunk 2077 world because it's the most accurate vision of our future ever created… and I totally agree with him, even brain implants… are literally developed by his own company… he even pointed w gun towards cdpr in studio asking to be out in the game when his wife was recording her lines for one of NPC… and they did let him say one line for one of NPC's too xDdd

  11. I think it's smart that CDPR is moving on to focus on the next game. 2077's launch was such a disaster I'm surprised they even went this far to provide a 2.0 version and lengthy expansion. And with unreal engine, the next installment will be better off.

  12. I remember when CP 2077 first came out, was a PC pre-order purchaser, and my initial impression of the game was over all positive. The story and over all density of the play area was impressive, but I also remember the scores upon scores of bugs I ran into, especially for the HUD. There were times I would stop playing the game because the only way to fix HUD issues was to reload a save, and sometimes entirely restart the game. As they started to make patches to fix many of the issues is when I stopped playing. I had already completed the game with about 50 hours total play and wasn't all that amped to play again due to the bugs. Didn't come back until 1.62 and played again which was right before they announces PL and 2.0, now I'm looking forward to experiencing it all over again, but not before I fiddle with the new perks tree to get a feel for what kind of build I want.

    Although they came out and crashed pretty hard, it is good to see that they were able to rise back up and rework a lot of the things many of the community had issues with. Still not quite an epic rise from the ashes as say FFXIV or No Mans Sky, but they are still making sure to come back and show they still know how to make a kick ass game that looks awesome in motion too. Hope that when they make the sequel they actually touch on exotics a little more than just a throw away side quest.

  13. Stop comparing this to No Man's Sky. NMS has had countless FREE expansions. They never charged me a single penny. CDPR has long long way to go to reach that level of redemption. A paid expansion is a step backwards LETS BE HONEST.


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