Modders Are Adding in Incredible New Features into Cyberpunk 2077

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Today we take a look at some of the most recent mods to come out for Cyberpunk 2077. A major theme with the latest Cyberpunk mods is new features as modders slowly start to add in their own aspects of the game.

00:00 – Intro
02:29 – New Feature Mods
09:30 – Ambitious Mods
13:27 – Future of Modding


The Mods:

Hack Everyone:
Crime Prevention System:
Drivable Mobility Scooter:
Annoy Me No More:
Death Alternative:
Sell Stolen Car Mod:
ComBot Mode:

Author – yato32

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47 thoughts on “Modders Are Adding in Incredible New Features into Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. I am thinking a new DLC will be that you can come from the background of being a soldier rather than just a street kid, nomad or corpo.
    Would like an auto-loot mod. Sometimes I see stuff lit up to grab, but no prompt comes up to grab it. Basically anything within a few meters (variable) is auto-grabbed.

  2. The modders will soon have more freedom and more tools on their hand to use thanks to the WolvenKit (RED Modding Tools) team. The last update they made was really interesting and seems like they have something pretty substantial. Some of the mods you have shown were made changing hex values and sometimes exporting to blender and change mesh. Thanks to every modder for making those thing happen.

  3. This makes me want to play again. Put it down early Jan after dumping an ungodly 400 hours in over my 3 weeks or so of playing.
    Still holding out till we get that big update, but I'm glad to see that things are really shaping up, at least on the modding side of things.

  4. Thx for showing my mod here 😉
    Next big update is in work I made it that you can get the stolen car to your owned car list.
    If I finished extension you can choose sell or take car you bring to Dakota. Exept the mission cars 😉
    Cu Thalon

  5. That actually looks amazing. But don't be surprised, that on 1.2 patch, there will be a huge breaking change for the mods, and they will effectively stop to work or crash the game (like in 1.1).
    It seems that modding community has started with very high acceleration, and that could be a problem for maintaining stability.

  6. I mean while i respect what the modders are doing, the "police chase" mod that was added is VERY VERY bare bones…I mean you literally have to spawn the police in yourself to chase you…Kinda lackluster honestly. Not trying to knock anyones mod or anything but don't expect anything great from it.

  7. It still feels like progress is slow here. You think with Cyber Engine we woukd get more mods like these, but most mods on Nexus are appearance mods. Its getting annoying, and shows a lack of creativity.

  8. While I love how modders add in new features and such, I don't much like the idea of modders fixing Cyberpunk themselves, as this will cause CD Projekt Red to become complacent and not bother fixing the games themselves, we've seen this happen before with Bethesda who straight up just stopped fixing their games once the Unofficial Patch Mods starting coming out, this led to Bethesda being unexperienced in fixing their own game leading to the Fallout 76 Disaster.

    Modders have good attentions when they bug fix I know, and we should be thankful for some of the things they do, but this can have long term consequences I fear.

  9. Meh…who cares if you can't hack NCPD. It's not like they ever quit so what's the point? Same with the respec/new game plus…the game is so easy on Very Hard that you can just rofflestomp with NO build. I can put zero points in an entire tree and still beat the pants off just about anything with that weapon.

  10. You know I just want to say. With all the YouTube creators out there and updates with mods and the ongoing’s of video games. I really do enjoy your content and look forward to more in depths and future updates. 10/10 have a great weekend!

  11. In the future I hope there's some silly animation mods. Like randomly a button doesn't work then your character poke it multiple times then hit for it to work or unnecessary gunplay and reloads.

  12. So basically, the community is going to finish CDPR's false promises and complete the game while CDPR management just sits back and says " hey, that's it from us.. the rest is up to you" .. wow..


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