Max XP 1.6, Athletics Glitch for Cyberpunk 2077, Update #cyberpunk

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You can get to max athletics using this XP glitch which also generates free perk points. Athletics under body is one of the hardest skills to level up. You can passively get to max level with this glitch which works after update 1.6 in September 2022. You need to get a berserker mod equipped at a ripperdoc such as Nina Kraviz in Westrbrook near the luxury apartments. You need at least body 6 and must be beyond act 1 (act 2 or later) to buy the Berserker mod from a ripperdoc such as the one by the luxury apartments fast tracel. Swing your melee weapon, hit berserk, mid-swing, hit menu, check to see the XP is rising in athletics under body by going into and out of that menu. If it is going up wait in the menu until you hit your body level. Filmed during patch (update) 1.6. You need body level 20 to hit athletics level 20. Your athletics level can go no higher than your blue body level.

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