Jackie and I make a good team! | CYBERPUNK 2077 | Episode 3 | MegMage Plays

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8 thoughts on “Jackie and I make a good team! | CYBERPUNK 2077 | Episode 3 | MegMage Plays”

  1. Another great episode, Glad to see you’re enjoying the game πŸ™‚ out of curiosity have you played any of the Life is Strange games before or plan on streaming or recording them? I just got around to starting True Colors the other day and I’m really enjoying it so far

  2. Play the game how you want, this game is designed to be played how you feel it, no one can tell you what to do πŸ™‚ I have 600hours clocked into cyberpunk and trust me nothing can go good or bad whether you sit or not haha. So glad to see new players on this game! πŸ™‚

  3. My friendly advice: disassemble any weapons or gear that you're not going to use and get the Scrapper perk from the Crafting skill tree so that all the junk you pick up automatically gets turned into crafting materials instead of clogging up your inventory. Don't worry about the loss of revenue due to not having gear to sell or being able to sell junk for cash, you can make far more $$$ by killing baddies for their bounties and by hacking data terminals.

  4. Definitely a game to play as you see best – more interesting than following someone else's optimised playthrough. I'm now humming 'makes me feel better'. Wholesome.


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