Infinite XP & $$ 1.6, Street Cred, Cyberpunk 2077, Update, Engineering Farm #cyberpunk

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This is an infinite XP farm that gives tons of street cred and engineering perk points for as little as level 2 characters just starting Act 1. We show you how to kill high level foes by sneaking into Pacifica and take no damage on this easy, early, XP farm. The Animals gang members who look like Sasquatch drop high level gear. You need a big stack of grenades. Also reinforced tendons (double jump) from the ripperdoc (such as Vik) are recommended. See our other videos how to duplicate grenades or farm money.

We show you how a level 2 character in Act 1 can leave of Watson early and go to any place in the map during the lockdown. This works after update 1.6 for Cyberpunk 2077. Leaving Watson allows you to get faster street cred and XP and gives access higher level gear faster. Open up one fast travel outside of Watson and you can go back and forth without using the ladder by the beach. The nearest fast travel to the ladder is NiD: East. Once around the pillar you are in Japantown and can walk or drive to nearest fast travel.

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