I'm a bad, bad boy | Corpo Introduction | Cyberpunk 2077

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Living as a Corpo in the world of Cyberpunk is life of luxury and privilege. It’s also cutthroat and vile. Welcome to Night City Samurai. Play Cyberpunk yourself …


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    I was just driving along looking for quest markers on the map (as I've been told that's a great way to make cash) when I hear screaming next to my car. I look out the window and see a guy begging for help. I get out, thinking "well, this should be interesting," when I realize… I know that voice. JESSE COX???!!! HOLY SHIT, YOU'RE IN THIS GAME!!! WOW!!!

    As a true fan, I of course decide to help out, and drive you to a doc. Problem is, right outside the clinic are a gang of punks harassing a homeless guy, so I figure I'll take care of them while I wait for you to get patched up. Wanting to be efficient, I decide to chuck a grenade near the edge of the group, thinking the victim-hobo should be out of the blast radius. NOPE!!! He dies, they *don't*, and because I killed a civilian the cops immediately arrive, and I proceed to GET MY SORRY CYBER-ASS STOMPED INTO HAMBURGER IN THE WORST WAY in the crossfire between the cops and the punks!!!

    Just so you know, this is the LAST time I ever help you and your sorry faulty-implant-ass in a game, EVER again!!!! XD

    Jokes aside, finding you in-game was probably the best surprise of this year. Kudos for landing that gig.

  2. "I'm gonna loot everything!"
    Me who explored and looted the entirety of the Arasaka building in the intro, getting several little lore chips and a stress ball and a buncha other stuff:
    "You're getting out of practice old man"

  3. oh please please PLEEEEEASE finish this full game! please, i will love you if you do that! also, i have literally nothing to do with Covid-19 in my house. mom has it, gotta take a test in 3 days with dad to see if we have it too. so i got nothing to do.

  4. This game was extremely saddening for me. Has me balling my eyes out (literally). The look on V's face. The music. Too long of a wait just to get hit with a mind fuck like that. Depressing shit…

  5. Guys, strap in for this one is going to be long, and i mean looooong long. Oh long johnson long. That long. It took me 18 hours to get to Act 2 and i didn't even do all the side jobs. Considering that as of now (December 13) Jesse is on episode 4 and haven't even do the acquiring flathead robot mission, Expect not meting Keanu Reaves until at least episode 20. This one is going to take a while.

  6. its pretty pathetic how broken the game is after 8 years of dev and the slogan CDPR popularized their selves, "we'll release it when its finished." lmao. ill buy CP2077 when its on sale for $15 like i did with the Witcher 3.


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