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  1. I agree with you. This game is good but a disappointment for sure. And the last generation argument is rubbish, the game was marketed to ps4 and Xbox one. It’s basically a port on ps5 because you can’t buy a physical copy of the game on those systems until next year . This just proves you can’t trust game journalist.

  2. got it on PC and it works fine… for the most part I get graphics glitches, textures doing funny things where (sometimes requires a restart because it gets rather annoying seeing that everywhere, but only has happened twice in like 20 hours of play) Other then that I got this weird glitch where when I was grappling someone and walked into a building it was trying to launch me into the ceiling or something… otherwise there is some other minor things like when you use quickhacks it puts up a random icon for the cooldown in the top left instead of the quickhack that was used.
    My biggest gripe right now is with the Athletics skill being overly punishing to level up, like crazy levels of hard to level up that without doing crazy things I don't forsee anyone getting that skill to 20 in a playthrough.
    As for it working like crap on Consoles that really sucks, nothing worse then anticipating a game and it not working. Only thing I will say to play the devils advocate a bit is they did get death threats to not delay the game anymore and to just release it and here we are…

  3. Man, we gamers are never satisfied with anything.
    Remember last time cdpr delayed the game?
    The amount of hate and death threats they received?
    We as gamers forced them to rush the game out and now we complain that it's unfinished?
    Man get serious

  4. Someone posted their Platinum Trophy on the r/Trophies subreddit claiming over 200 crashes. Honestly, even if a joke, I'd believe it. I had it installed on my PS5 which is a significant improvement over the 4 but still got a massive amount of crashes since it's still the same game. The sheer patience to get that Plat on last gen gets my respect.

  5. I will say cyberpunk on ps4 is shit and they should have said beforehand, they deserve all the hate on consoles version but it will be patched and i will not defend cdpr for the shit release but i will defend cdpr because i know it will get better. Btw on playing on pc and enjoying it but it still needs a lot of work.

  6. Really great summary and opinions. Playing on Xbox One S with some issues, but was not unplayable. Everything you said is accurate, well-worded and well thought out. Haven't even looked at the rest of your channel, but this video earned a subscription.

  7. People act like we the customers should be grateful that a corporation gave us something, they forget we didn’t just take something they offered we payed for it. We had to lose shit to get the product we payed what we owed if the product is shit then the company is the one that just took something without paying properly.

  8. Bought the game on the ps4pro on disk , will keep the game because cdprojRed will patch the game in 2021 but the game at this time is 90 GB of disk space and that is a waste . Patched or not the gamek
    is below standard and i might sell it in 2021.

  9. no offence bro but don't t expect a game as big as cyberpunk 2077 to run on xbox and ps4 like the game is massive and the last get consoles were made 7 years ago if I was on ps4 and not ps5 I would not get cyberpunk

  10. Barely runs on my pc 1660 super i7 with 16gb ram…constant bugs, crashes…….even if they are able to fully optimize the game the open world is very weak….AI is poor…NPCs asre all zombies and many basic concepts are gone like creative fast travel, haircuts, mini games….no reason to explore the open world…plus the police AI is ridiculous…

  11. Man I'm just out here feeling special that this is this gen's "can it run crysis?"… and at launch; my pc didn't just run it- it went and crossed the finish line with it, turned around and crossed it again from the opposite direction lmao.


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