I Played Cyberpunk 2077…

Read more about Cyberpunk 2077➜ https://cyberpunk2077.mgn.tv

This game is pretty much Deus Ex taken to the next level and if that’s what some of you wanted I’m here to help tell you that’s pretty much what you’re getting. Did I tell you I love Deus Ex?

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32 thoughts on “I Played Cyberpunk 2077…”

  1. I think they delayed the game because of the game breaking bugs. Even before I watched this, I thought there had to be game breaking bugs to delay a gone golden game. I remember back in the day Prince of Persia Warrior Within had a game breaking bug. Like a full on game-stopper. And that was on PS2. That wasn't getting patched.

  2. Jokes on us we are about to enter the real cyber punk. The irony of everyone getting Excited for a Horrifying Dystopian future is pretty telling of our Species. The Great reset is about to begin and you all wanna play games. SMDH

  3. Shadowlands… but cyberpunk… I've been waiting soooooo long to play cyberpunk. I even played the pen and paper game… but I've also been waiting for a good wow expac for about as long…


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