I Finished Phantom Liberty | Cyberpunk 2077 – How To Have The Perfect Start in Update 2.0

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How To Have The Perfect Start in Phantom Liberty! Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0 Things To Do First

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00:00 – Overview
00:29 – How Game Skip Works
01:29 – Reach This point in the main story
02:28 – Level Up and get Street Cred
03:36 – Complete Romance
04:25 – Upgrade Skills
05:53 – Dupe before it’s too late
08:26 – Crafting Materials
09:10 – Test Out Build Planner

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44 thoughts on “I Finished Phantom Liberty | Cyberpunk 2077 – How To Have The Perfect Start in Update 2.0”

  1. lol idc,im gonna do new playthrough… but i hope the modders will be ready asap lo i just want unlimited money and crafting mats.. thats all i want to cheat on, i dont feel like grinding that much =p

  2. A really good way to made eddies pre 2.0 is to get Technical Ability to 18 in order to unlock the ability to craft Legendaries and then complete the NCPD Scanner Mission that has the Yinlong Crafting Spec in it.

    A Yinlong crafted at level 50 sells for about 3568 Eddies IIRC and if you also take the Crafting Perk that decreases the amount of resources needed to craft items and the Perk that gives a 10% chance to craft for free you can craft a bunch then buy all the mats you need to keep crafting, essentially making it so that you have an unlimited amount of Eddies so long as you have the patience.

    The best vendor to sell your crafted Yinlongs to is the gunsmith under V's apartment, as you can just walk up to him, sell off as many Yinlongs as he can afford, walk like 2 feet away and then wait 24 hours to refresh his inventory.

    You can also sell Yinlongs to the melee vendor across from the gunsmith which will allow you to make eddies even faster, the best part is that you don't even have to walk away from him in order to be able to Wait, just take 1 or 2 steps back and you'll be able to Wait again

  3. From what i have seen of the build planner the best thing to do is to have 4 in all attributes for the added mechanics and then go all in on tech to 20 for the Edgerunner tree then after that you can spec into whatever specifics you want 👍
    Could be wrong but i think that is how i am going to start my new play through.

  4. My question is if I started a new character before 2.0 will the progression be converted when 2.0 drops. Because I already played close to 40 hours on that save (completionist run) and I don’t really feel like doing allat again even if I love the game this much. And I’m still not done there tbh.

  5. Are you really suggesting that in 2.0 they are literally changing the main story of the entire base game, that endings are disappearing forever, and romances won't be possible in the future or something? Please explain, because I don't believe I've ever played through multiple endings.

  6. Oh no, do the skills still give perk points? I hated that.

    The reason I hated that is because if you level Body, for minmaxing purposes you should kill some people with a shotgun to get that perk or two, despite playing as a netrunner.

    If you're playing as a stealth gunslinger, you should kill some people with a katana to get those perk points.

    I hoped so much that it's not there case in 2.0.

  7. The new attribute and perk trees are easier to grasp for those who understand less about the complexities of math and theorycrafting. (Like me.) I went through a couple build videos to see what more experienced players thought about the 2.0 tree, took some of the more common "good" perks for my own build, and was able to map out the rest of my path based on how I want to play the game. I've no doubt that there will still be cookie cutter Cyberware specializations for Phantom Liberty, but for those of us looking to role-play rather than have the game role-play us, making builds more accessible is an excellent change.

    I'm sure the most "optimal" Cyberware will still be locked behind Attribute checks and I'll have to adjust the placement of late game Attribute points as I go. But it's freeing to not be locked into making stat based choices early-on in the perk tree. Cyberware should be a sufficient stat grind for a looter-shooter. I know longtime Cyberpunk 2077 fans are concerned they'll be underpowered, but we were drastically overpowered in 1.6. Secondly, like you revealed in this video, Skills are still in the game. Most people believed they were gone since they're not in the web-version build-planner. Change is scary, but I want to see the full scope of the expansion before I cry wolf about being underpowered.

    Additionally, I'm happy that Smart gun perks are in the same tree (Intelligence) as Netrunner perks. The same goes for handguns and sniper rifles (Cool). These seem like obvious pairings because a character adept at hacking technology should be more adept at using weapons assisted by technology. And a character with a silenced handgun should have access to a longer ranged silenced sniper. Now I can run a Chao for those times I'm caught out of stealth and chaos ensues, a silenced Archangel for stealth kills when I'm low on RAM, an Ashura or Overwatch for longer range, and a monowire if enemies rush me.

  8. Do i really have to play the game from the beginning or can i carry on from where I am in the game right now? I recently finished the game and was finishing up some missions before the Phantom Liberty DLC..

  9. I started a new playthrough last week at very hard. I'm currently at level 50 and the game gets so very easy.

    Starting 2.0, is dogtown gonna be harder at level 50?

    Or will the game adjust to my level?

  10. Eh, no one is talking about the endless missions . You claim to have finished it yet not even touching once on that ?

    That's the problem with people like you, you can't wait to publish for views even if everything you mentioned was already touched on by others months ago….


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