Human Nature Cyberpunk 2077 Quest

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Human Nature Cyberpunk 2077 video. This video shows how to complete Human Nature quest in Cyberpunk 2077 game. Here you can see Human Nature mission walkthrough gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077 and all the related locations.

00:00 Fetch your vehicle from the parking garage
03:03 Talk to Johny Silverhand
03:51 Read the message from Delamain

Cyberpunk 2077 is a 2020 action role-playing video game developed and published by CD Projekt and available on PlayStation 5, Stadia, Windows, Xbox Series X/S. No bugs so far for me. #Cyberpunk2077


22 thoughts on “Human Nature Cyberpunk 2077 Quest”

  1. Hours later and still waiting for the car. But if you're stuck for a vehicle and you haven't done it already go do the "Mama Welles" mission AKA Jackies wake. You get his bike at the end. Not a car but at least its something you dont have to pay for.

  2. My quest finally worked. So, what I managed to figure out: save/load did not work, game restart did not work, time skip did not work. And the quest was in red (don't know if this is connected with the issue). But I have found all cabs and quest was in it's original orange color. It still did not trigger, but I parked my car in the garage (just to be safe), saved on the upper floor in front of elevator, loaded the game and quest was completed.

  3. Not sure if this is a fix for everyone, but my car showed back up after I finished the "The Heroes" mission where you go call Mama Welles and unlock the motorcycle. Once I finished that quest and got the motorcycle, my car simply showed up when I called it. (As a side note, this current mission was still bugged as not being complete so def something is up)

  4. To complete the Human Nature you need (Still not sure, it's just how it worked for me) to progress in Delamain questline
    1. Start Human Nature
    ( If you don't get Human Nature progress after previous quest

    complete next 2 steps and after relog i got Wait for the car to be repaired but some people say you need to wait 10h of real life time )

    2. Tune Up

    3. Complete 7/7 Epistrophy:

    4. Received a Delamain Virus Hack message:

    5. Save Delamain from Virus Hack and get his car as a reward:

    6. All Delamain Story endings:
    The final reward is Delamain Cab Car in your Vehicle Garage

  5. To complete the Human Nature mission you will have to pay Viktor back the 21000 eddies. When you do so you can call and drive your car again. Doing all the Delamain´s missions is the quickest and easiest way that i found.

  6. Have you guys got your car back? I have. I spotted one of those tarrot card thing and went to talk to doctor Victor Vector and his assistant about it. After I finished the yellow text talk, the Human Nature quest suddenly kicked in as finished, and I got my car back. I don't know if finishing any other side quest triggers it, or if it has to be this one specificly.

  7. its fucking bugged , i cant do anything without my car and the ones where you need to shoot the gang is bugged af theyre not dying at all, you do very little damage and theyre mulitplying and also you get fucking droids flying around and its just impossible to kill them all, pretty sure thats not supposed to happen

  8. This mission is bugged for me. I did like 4 out of 7 of the Delamain fetch missions, went to bed, and on checking the next day I got a text saying the car was repaired and available in "your garage". The mission was flagged as complete, so no waypoint markers 🙁 but I looked at some other guides and found the first garage (another car was on sale there too) where the crash happened and….my car isn't there? This is a huge hang-up since I need a solid vehicle to get to gigs, earning eddies is too slow on foot and stolen cars usually handle poorly or fall apart…

  9. If you guys want your car back, this is what i did. 1. Finish all delamain quests. 2. Track human nature objective. 3. Save game. 4. Close game and reopen and you will get a message you car is fixed.

  10. so I'm confused… I got in my car, and immediately like in this video i get attacked by beep beep mother fucker. But then I got out and I spawned the car again, I went outside and it spawned upside down and blew up so now the car has been destroyed twice, and then I was able to spawn it a 3rd time and I can drive it but I still have a quest that says "wait for the car to be repaired" but like… I'm driving it around. So confused.

  11. i have a problem with this mission, the car was parked in there at the beggining and nothing happend so i just went to do other stuffs, and now the car is in another place and when i go inside the car nothing happens, i cant even leave the car,


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