How To Use Throwing Knives In Cyberpunk 2077

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There is a Cool Stealth skill that unlocks throwing knives, but where are they? This guide on How To Use Throwing Knives In Cyberpunk 2077 explains everything about the Dagger Dealer skill, so you can use your new tools and equipment to take down enemies quickly, and quietly.

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50 thoughts on “How To Use Throwing Knives In Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. I thought that you have to buy some pocket throwing knives. I didn't know you can actually throw away yours. You really shouldn't though.
    Why would they make it like this? Why not have some throwing knives in the grenade spot?

  2. Why? It seems so useless. first, you need to have a knife equiped? Why have it as a perk, if it doesn't come with it's own knives? Second, You actually lose it? hope they fix that.

  3. Long story even shorter: don't get this perk. I just got this perk and paid 500 eddies for a knife only to find out you can't retrieve it. Also, it isn't silent. What. Is. The. Point? Never loaded a save game so fast.

  4. Whats worse about this perk is that the melee sysem has a built in mechanic where you can attack from a guard, and if your used to doing that then youll instinctively throw your knives mid combat on accident trying to block. >_<

  5. ohh come on..of corse your going to lose the dager…throw a knife in a tree anywhere but fucking wonderland..and what do you know..its not comeing magicely back to your hand

    but on a side note..some times id get the knife back..but like 90% id get a item called.." bloody knife".. which just means the knife did its expected life goal..

  6. You can just make green knives on demand with a spec sheet. Might pair well with Technical Ability. My issue with the skill is that it isn't completely silenced. I feel like if you have to craft a knife to use it each time, it should reward you with an attack even quieter than a silenced gun. With how it is now, you might as well just used a silenced Overture or such instead for your silenced killing needs.

  7. I saw the option to get this skill… then I saw the bonuses to handguns with silencers. No brainer. Now if they made throwing knives available in like a bandolier and you had the option to quick throw them while in a melee build it might be fun but the current mechanic is useless.

  8. when you wanna do the mudda mudda dio jojo thing but the perk itself truely is basically useless… :/
    [i think i was literally playing the throwing guy in dead island 1 logan minutes before cyberpunks release that day….sigh…good times…]


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