How to Farm Eddies Cyberpunk 2077 Money Guide

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Detailed Guide:
How to Farm Eddies Cyberpunk 2077 Guide shows you the fastest way to make some easy money. The first thing you have to do is get the Mechanic perk under the Crafting skill in the Technical Ability Attribute. The next thing we did was to disassemble a Bounce Back MK.1. Lo and behold, you now have more components than you need to craft a Bounce Back. So, go to a Drop Point and sell your extra components. Craft the item again, then disassemble it again for more extra components that you can sell!
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20 thoughts on “How to Farm Eddies Cyberpunk 2077 Money Guide”

  1. Yeah this got patched as soon as it was posted basically lol they upped it to 6/2 crafting and made it so you can't disassemble them anymore
    Edit: Erm….I said it might've been patched? but now its working this game is great but so broken man….

  2. Update, you might not be able to get money from this however this does still give you crafting XP which means you can technically gain unlimited XP now wtf I legit just discovered this by playing around! Seriously try it and post another vid


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