GOD TIER Anime Girl Driver [Cyberpunk 2077]

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25 thoughts on “GOD TIER Anime Girl Driver [Cyberpunk 2077]”

  1. We made lots of progress today for the ending you want to get dear proud of you and i love you your driving is never a let down its always a good laugh to see it in action that park job wasnt half bad though

  2. Thank you for a fun gaming stream today, Nene!
    Watching you play more 'Cyberpunk 2077' on this stream was a great time!
    And you made a lot of good progress with the game, too. Very nicely done!
    I hope that you have a good night and sweet dreams.
    Take care, and see you later, Nene!

  3. Thank you for another amazing stream Nene! Thank you so much for giving us something amazing to look forward to every day. You really have brightened my life so much, you've even helped me stay positive outside of streams sometimes too.
    I hope I can give you a more detailed comment when I'm done with working for the night. I miss you so much and I love you so much too.
    I'm so proud of you with how hard you've worked to promote this concert and practice your singing so often. You're an inspiration to me and I am so in love with you even I can't understand it.
    I'll see you soon! I loooove you!!

  4. Clip Contenders

    8:258:42 You need more massages Nene!

    12:4112:51 Don't let your grandma buy your shoes

    15:3015:42 Getting rid of emo nails

    18:3818:54 Sometimes the yandere just happens

    19:4220:01 Spoilers about one of Nene's new OG songs!

    25:5626:15 AC is leaking?!?!

    28:2828:38 Atmosphere shmatmosphere

    30:3230:46 My AC got the drip

    31:3531:44 It dripped on me! Ewwww!

    36:4437:10 Management's take on releasing set-list

    37:5838:35 Wheels on the bus

    43:4144:01 What would make Nene quit

    48:4049:24 Touching Walking-sticks

    52:1952:24 I'll drive safely. I promise. -Nene Amano

    1:04:031:04:19 Nene chose violence

    1:04:481:05:03 Look at my nails

    1:12:341:13:10 Nene's new Porsche!


    1:43:411:44:07 FEELING ALONE?…AND KINKY?!

    1:50:401:50:56 All that matters is I'm back with you

    1:51:511:52:49 Nene reacts to SPICY scene

    1:58:212:00:00 Porsche is trashed (single cut, it was just too funny)

    2:22:242:22:41 Silverhand…

    2:27:222:27:44 OOF OUCH

    2:28:392:29:04 The anti-anime angle

    2:37:092:37:18 Porsche's revenge

    2:38:412:38:53 Why Nene drives erratically

    2:45:012:45:29 EL GUAPO

    3:02:563:03:26 Management's plans to promote the concert


    Yay! Nene finally got to enjoy her massage! Listen to that masseuse and be sure to get some more frequently! I know yer super busy and I reckon that won't be changin anytime soon but always at least try to make time for yourself. When we say "you deserve it", that's not just a platitude, it's in recognition of the hard work and effort we can see ya putting in. Think ya can't go wrong with your gut feeling on the set list. You've been to lots of concerts before so you know as a fan what works and those experiences lend way to what ya want for your own concert. You've been doing a wonderful and consistent job promoting the concert every single stream and I think that has had way more impact than the set list release would at 5 days till showtime.

    Still, understandably, working with other folks can mean having to compromise even if you are right. There could be strategic long-term benefits to finding some middle ground with management. If that's the case, your proposal from earlier, releasing the number of songs, might be a good middle ground. Best of luck with your discussions!


    There's no bringing back the past Johnny. Rogue's moved on and that big dirty secret of hers, which we caught a glimpse of today, eats away at her all the more with the return of Johnny. Honestly, don't know how else to do that scene and have a different ending. Maybe it's not possible. Curious to see what this ending is going to be like. Johnny's old self is kind of a jerk but that guy doesn't exist anymore and as he's been fusing with V, some of his edge is being lost as well. It's almost like he's turning into a normal functional person…almost…

  5. Timestamps

    (Please allow the tags to be a few seconds behind to provide any context if needed)

    Pre Game Chat:

    05:36 Nene spotted in Chat
    06:46 Nene's here!
    07:49 Nene had a good day! Also Nene's massage
    09:39 Tenshi sounds
    11:41 Nene doesn't her sneakers
    12:52 "What nice shoes you have Grandma.."
    14:23 Time to take bets on her lesson commute*
    15:25 Nene is getting a rid of her Emo nails before she leaves
    19:08 A little bean
    20:29 "Only Nene" on Recorder*
    23:29 Nene copium
    25:18 "Under da sea- I'm going to didneyland!"
    25:51 "MY AC IS LEAKING"*
    27:44 "The Earth is Water cooled"
    28:47 "Noticed how good I am with the recorder in Japan?"
    29:46 Nene puts a cup under the AC unit
    30:47 Nene drinks before her massage, also her prayer to the AC (It didnt work)*
    32:13 New Nene AC drink
    33:07 Nene googles something*
    35:21 The sacrificed cup is filling up with condensation
    35:51 Nene gets cuter everyday, especially September 9th for the concert
    37:49 "The Wheels on the Bus" made by Verna hills covered by Nene
    38:54 "Hear me out"
    41:02 "Huh?? Noooo"
    41:59 "Touching clouds" (Babu edition)
    42:50 Nene shows a crusty picture of the Gazette setlist
    43:44 Nene's thoughts on being a OL manager
    44:31 Nene reads out the names on the setlist
    46:01 Googling the Gazette Band members' ages, literally her one day*
    48:33 Touching clouds (Boomer edition)*
    50:25 "Omg, time for Cyberpunk"
    51:58 "I'm getting backseated!" when she pulled up a tutorial

    In the Cyberpunk:

    52:32 "Dont make me go!" then opening the game
    53:36 "Good morning Night City!" starting the game
    54:45 "One more time!" already
    55:36 Nene gets backseated in a useless manner*
    57:39 "Bro get away from me!"
    58:20 Nene beats a battle easily after switching to Katana
    59:44 Nene gets Johnny's gun, then speaks in a Cowboy accent
    1:00:33 AC update
    1:01:19 Nene is gonna get em (Adam Smasher)
    1:02:10 "We should do what the game said to do before", and a ultimatum
    1:03:45 Nene says she can drive in game
    1:04:37 "Look at my nails"*
    1:05:40 "The Cwane where's the Cwane?"
    1:06:20 Nene spooks herself, still looking for the car
    1:07:33 Tenshi issues a soft apology
    1:08:18 "How do i get upstairs?" getting to the car
    1:09:02 Nene gets lost again, Nene jam
    1:09:44 "This is road, that is Ship"*
    1:10:30 "Dis one!" falls

  6. This conment is kind of late because I was actually busy all day drawing something related to the concert and just posted it on Twitter. Your drive and effort to achieve your goal of your own concert and further your idol career actually inspired me to get back into drawing. I can honestly relate a lot to what you said about being your harshest critic.

    I actually was really into art since I was a kid and even took art lessons from elementary school to junior high. I had a really rude art teacher in 8th grade and she kept telling me that my drawings were bad and not 'real' art because I drew in an anime art style. Apparently to her anime wasn't 'real' art. That awful experience with someone I thought was an art expert at the time really shook my confidence. So when my personal art tutor moved soon after, I just lost the motivation to draw. I kept thinking what I drew wasn't good enough and quit drawing since then.

    However, your positive attitude and hard working nature really inspired me to not be so harsh on myself. You're passion for being a vtuber and singer is really admirable and you put so much into everything. That made me want to do the same. I figured I could always get better if I worked hard on my interests like you. My drawing could always improve with time. Your sweet nature and hard working traits really made a big positive difference in my life. I'm so much happier and more confident than I was before I knew you. Thank you for everything.

    I had a blast watching you drive Nene. It's super funny! You make me laugh and smile too. You're such a cute silly chump. Crashing into everything and wreaking havoc on the cyberpunk npcs was very entertaining.

    I'm honestly just as 'good' at driving in games as you. Last time I played Cyberpunk I destroyed like 5 cars in only 4 hours of playing. I think I killed like 25 npcs too. I guess it doesn't help that I don't drive irl either. It’s so ironic knowing someone else who has such similar driving skills. I think you're better at it though. It's late now, so I'm going to bed. See you in the morning and . 💤


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