Gig Goodbye, Night City Cyberpunk 2077

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Gig Goodbye, Night City Cyberpunk 2077 Almost Stealth, No Militech kills video. Gig Goodbye, Night City Almost Stealth, No Militech kills gameplay is related to the Cyberpunk 2077 game. Almost stealth

00:00 Reach Militech’s compound
00:00 Do not kill any Militech personnel (Optional)
02:36 Find Bruce inside the compound
04:48 Talk to Bruce
05:25 Escort Bruce outside the compound
06:12 Take Bruce to the extraction point
07:12 Wait for Archie
07:18 Talk to Archibald
08:29 Collect your bonus from the Drop Point

Cyberpunk 2077 is a 2020 action role-playing video game developed and published by CD Projekt and available on PlayStation 5, Stadia, Windows, Xbox Series X/S. #Cyberpunk2077


7 thoughts on “Gig Goodbye, Night City Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. I came here just to see if there was some unique or special reward… and the video cuts out just before it pops up <_<
    did like 7tries on this mission and even if i didn't kill anyone they just died by themselves randomly, like hes downed, hes moving… and then blood starts leaking out randomly after a stealth non-lethal takedown <_< whole mission really feeltbuggy to me as some attempts enemies detected me though walls and other solid objects (especially the 2 drones loves doing it).

  2. Played over 70 hours of this game and this is by far the worst mission in the game. There are a lot of good ones, but this one where you have AND mines, AND robots flying around AND a no-kill order for the 20+ enemies in the camp… fucking awful.

  3. I'm not geared or interested in Stealth quests so I used the cybernetic arm missile projectile with a tranquilizer dart that gave zero kills for all the Cyberpsycho quests. However, while putting every Militech guard to sleep I get told at the end that it was a bloodbath… Get it together, developers. Either the tranquilizer dart is is non-lethal or it's not.

  4. this quest is bugged for me. whenever i go near the place, the soldiers would suddenly go batshit on the refugees for no reason. and whenever i take them out, even non lethally, i would fail the no kills objective.


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