Ghost Town, Lightning Breaks & Life During Wartime | Cyberpunk 2077 – Blind Playthrough [Part 18]

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Mods Installed:
First equip animation
Immersive Bartending
Immersive Food Vendors
Hide read shards
Quiet menus
No intro
Unequip Mods:
All adverts in 4K quality:
No More Out-Leveling Vendor Items


43 thoughts on “Ghost Town, Lightning Breaks & Life During Wartime | Cyberpunk 2077 – Blind Playthrough [Part 18]”

  1. Hmm… theory making: numbering of the relic is the same as the numbering of the game built. 1.0 isn't perfect. 2.0 is much better version. 1.0 was out in the year where the last 'game' took place, 2020. While 2.0 was later. Might be a coincidence buuuutt…

  2. With regards to what happened with the AV saul is not wrong at all panam should have just messaged them "hey im taking down a convoy gig for a friend stay away from it" she should have known what they would do considering she has lived her entire life with them. But because we met panam first we are supposed to side with her

  3. The yaiba kusanagi bike you commented on is from the anime and manga Akira. My fave bike in the game. The peacekeeper is motoko kusanagis bike from ghost in the shell. Some nomadding with the lovely but fiery panam. She is a sweetie once you get to know her 😊😊

  4. Hey dude, since you like the cyberpunk subgenre i highly recommend the movie STRANGE DAYS with the goat Ralph Fiennes as the lead, almost certain CDPR took the concept of briandances from that movie, very underated and an absolute vibe of a movie, pretty sure the guy you buy the snuff bd from in the Evelyn Quest is a nod to the main character, youll see the resemblance right away.

  5. The really cool thing about those scenes with Johnny is, they can happen after different story-related missions. It entirely depends on what order you do the missions in. You had that scene after getting Hellman, I had that scene after a completely different scenario (which I won't spoil). I really like that detail and shows the freedom you have to do what you want.

  6. technically you are more spec into knife throwing that instantly kill and reset the knife… so just move those points to pistol skills and have like 2 pistols and sniper or start using knifes but on gamepad aiming is… well gamepad

  7. Hey Mapo, you've been keeping me entertained for so long watching this series so i just wanted to tell ya that if you hold the "Y" button the game will open a sort of quick menu for your equipment, maybe you already discovered this but thought i should tell ya, keep on keeping on my guy <3

  8. 1:58:15 Ah, but consider this: The AV and the power station belong to different corps. While the corps do business with each other they are very much in a state of cold war at all times.

    The corp that runs the power station would never have let anyone outside of it know that there's been an incident at their facility…until Panam's "bomb" went off and it became impossible to hide, at which point it became a matter for the PR department and the stock market.


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