Get back in your basement! Game journalists MOCK Cyberpunk 2077 review haters!

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Cyberpunk 2077 is smashing records on steam, but running horribly on Playstation and Xbox! Also, ResetEra continues to meltdown over the game, banning threads celebrating the game, while game journalists continue to attack people like TheQuartering. On top of that, they’re doubling down on mocking gamers with new articles calling them trash!

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34 thoughts on “Get back in your basement! Game journalists MOCK Cyberpunk 2077 review haters!”

  1. Ign and GameSpot confirmed Twitter accounts, including I think a head editor, is attacking tf out of The Quartering, and he wasn't even complaining about them giving it a 7, he was complaining because the reviewer admitted that she didn't do crafting and other major parts of the game

  2. The game journalists: if you get mad over things online, maybe you should find a new hobby

    Als game journalist: This game makes me so mad. It lacks representation.

    Gamers: Well take your own fucking advice and find another hobby. You clearly don't even like games.

    The lack of representation is the most stupid argument in the world. Can any of the retarded game journalists show me another game where you can be in a mans body with a girl voice and a pussy also whering girl clothe

  3. I’m playing on Xbox and have only had texture issues once after going into Jig Jig street. Faces took a few seconds to load in. But over game runs and looks great.

  4. I have it on ps4 pro and have not had any problems other than it makes my ps fan work a bit harder, and one shirt that glitched out, but I simply took the shirt off and put it back on and it was fine

  5. I truly hate haters. They have nothing better to do with their time than to put down something that does good in sales and reviewed by companies with PROPER reviews, i.e. Metacritic, IGN, etc., and discourages potential consumers from buying something. I wish all haters would just shut up and let people decide whether or not something is good or not.

  6. Most gamers call game journalists, Game Urinalist's, because game urinalist's are stupid insignificant little pissants, who have now become so irrelevant they have all but written themselves out of a job.
    A game review is about the game play, the game mechanics, the tech used, what's in store for the gamer. No Politics. No gender/identity politics.
    No wokeness, & is this game good enough for MY £60.00.

  7. Oh ya mock the haters but I'm playing on base x box and me and my friend literally had to stop playing and are getting our money back the world is blurry as shit. Went and loaded up mass effect 2 and it looks tf does that happen? Fuck CD project red fuck them for not letting anyone get their hands on a copy before release in other words they fucked you out of your money in a time like this right before Christmas welcome to 2020 everybody. I'd advise go play ghost of tsushima or red bluriness from a company that knows what they are doing. GTA looks fine take notes cdpr your now in the novice tier of game makers in the fans eyes. Tell your ceos to fuck off!!


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