First Halo Infinite Leak of 2022! Cyberpunk 2077 Entire Expansion Leaked and Team Fortress 2 Protest

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Halo Infinite News – 0:00
Cyberpunk Expansion Leaked – 5:40
Team Fortress 2 Protest – 6:40

Jerry Hook not fired
Lead environmental artist leaves
3 New Partnered Teams
Cyberpunk leak entire story first expansion
TF2 protest

First Halo Infinite Leak of 2022! Cyberpunk 2077 Entire Expansion Leaked and Team Fortress 2 Protest

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43 thoughts on “First Halo Infinite Leak of 2022! Cyberpunk 2077 Entire Expansion Leaked and Team Fortress 2 Protest”

  1. If the campaign DLC included the infinity level before you would toss to space by Atriox, that would be pretty cool and a throwback to 20 years ago. If only they thought about that in the first place.

  2. bro im so fucking tired of hearing news about halo esports teams. its the shit i see the most. i wish i could see more news and stuff about just casual fun halo shit

  3. I could believe that the campaign DLC is a little further along, and was planned right from the get go, as there are a few customization options that are found in the campaign, but no one has currently been able to unlock. 🙂

  4. check jerry hooks twitter replies he said "each of us is on our own path for our own needs or the needs of our family" and that halos in good hands of a 343 employee he names so maybe that Christopher Blohmer will replace him. He also replies to the Forge Lead saying that the community will find it amazing

  5. Cyberpunk is in a great place in my opinion. I played on launch for like 8 hours cause it was so bad. Now it’s running great on a series x. Actually an enjoyable time now.

  6. Jerry Hook leaving was the best thing he was the reason why we are stuck with limited design on Halo Infinite and Micro transactions. Also people saying he was listening to community feed back is a lie because all they fixed was issues they messed up and just added stuff back that they removed.

  7. stop it bro, lets not pretend Halo Infinite does not have all the problems that it does…lol Obviously this is related. Everyone leaving 343 is related to Halo Infinites issues in whatever capacity. If Halo Infinite was on top of the world, no one would be leaving.

  8. If Jerry Hook goes to a Indie Dev he probably wants to work somewhere where people will actually respect his work.

    Guy going to Nvidia was definitely going for the pay, Nvidia probably pays 6 figures and then some over what 343 pays artists.

  9. If they are cooking something up we don’t know about yet I can only hope they release it no later than mid October. If they don’t come out with something big in that time frame I have a feeling the new COD will completely kill halo.

  10. Str8 Rippin joins HCS. That would get me hyped hahaha, man I miss halo 3 era watching tsquared tutorial vids, watching mlg drinking dr pepper aaaah

  11. Mad props to all the TF2 players who still play and love the game, esp given it's over a decade year old already. Glad to see the community is also being constructive and civil about their protest.

  12. That’s it! I’m calling it! So many devs have left 343 since it’s release that I can’t help but feel it’s a sinking, dying ship. I love this game but I think we should be expecting eating the worse. The slipspace engine failed 343i, 343i failed to bring a full halo game yet again… fml…

  13. Much more employees have been Laid off at Sony!

    More people have Left Naughty Dog!

    More people habe Left Guerilla Games!

    More people have Left Sonys God of War Studio!

    343 Industries are Hiring Big Time!!!
    Absolutely Nothing to See Here!

    FAR Less people have left XBOX and Absolutely No One has been Laid Off at 343, The Coalition, Turn 10, Rare, PlayGround Games etc…!!!

    Furthermore: The XBOX Division is Hiring at a record Pace!

    The Same Energy is Not Expressed!


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