Exposing Cyberpunk 2077 QA: Rotten Side of Gaming | Asmongold Reacts to Upper Echelon Gamers

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Asmongold Reacts to Exposing Quantic Lab – A Rotten Side of Gaming, by Upper Echelon Gamers

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45 thoughts on “Exposing Cyberpunk 2077 QA: Rotten Side of Gaming | Asmongold Reacts to Upper Echelon Gamers”

  1. I dont blame CDPR for releasing it early and broken. When they did the last delay for it the devs literally had people calling them with death threats for it. Fuck yall then play the broken ass game

  2. Yeaaaaaah here's the thing: all of this is bog-standard and legal across the business world. There are absolutely moral implications, particularly around being overworked and underpaid, but customers for the most part don't care about those things. That's someone else's company and someone else's problems. What you as a customer care about is speed and cost of QA/QC. That's it.

  3. Outsourced QA is as cancerous as it can get. Oursourcing in general is something you want to avoid as much as possible. Let's be honest, the only good thing about outsourcing is saving money. Saving money? When it comes to computer games development, that's a red flag right there.
    You want quality, not cutting corners.

  4. QA are just random people off the street getting paid to play a video game or do whatever in a lot of peoples eyes in the end. Of course they were going to be mistreated.

  5. Some of the allegations here are very serious but other things are almost normal in this type of work, for example the out sourcing resources to another company is pretty normal, although I work in QA but not in gaming so things might be different.
    Some things to add here, there is professional course a person can take for QA but companies can chose to contract people with or without it, another is that the client (in this case CDPR) can ask to see or even talk to all the resources (testers) involved in this and I find it strange that CDPR is so hands off when it comes to controlling the testing phases.
    Romania is a member of the EU so many of the laws they have will be the same as in my country, so if things are this bad there are ways they can protect themselves as workers and demand better work a environment.

  6. Not in gaming but…

    I work for a significant company, the company has a TON of native speakers for almost any spoken language, but the internal issueinternal issue is that getting a hold of one takes time…. and really I can't leave my work for 30 minutes to call our hotline.

    So, ya I use google translate sometimes…. If you don't have someone in place in a fast-paced location what am I going to do? Thankfully I am not in a position that would make an issue like this arise, as long as I have a general understanding my work is fine, and it is not a front-facing issue that I would be conning another company or person.

  7. Happened to me when I was just an intern in the industry. Got an internship that was mostly QA, I was put on a team and things were going well until the company merged with a holdings company and new management decided that they wanted to get rid of us. They couldn't though because my internship was through a contract with the college I was attending that the company had to honor. So they kept just the team manager on and fired everyone that they could from the team. The company also revoked all of our credentials when the layoff happened and didn't reinstate them until the last week so for a month of my internship, I was literally sitting around doing absolutely nothing but keeping the company laptop open so the company spyware wouldn't report me as doing no work.
    There's a reason why a QA studio was the first game development studio to unionize in the U.S., it's because they ALWAYS get shafted by upper management.

  8. that story about his dad's company is crazy. i work at a johnson & johnson plant and they brought in armed cops in street clothes to stand among the crowd when they announced the plant being shut down lol

  9. As a former tester for Ubisoft… I was working on the Division 1 and 2. We passed our notes up to the developers constantly. It was hard to stay quiet during E3 and other conventions. When they showed their CG gameplay… I was like "that isn't the game they are making." The game didn't even have sections of the city made. We were literally testing in an empty environment. This was 6 months before release of division 1. I stayed on thinking they would learn from the pile of shit that released but no. They then turned and fired the whole team of testers except for a few of us.

  10. I worked in QA for a couple of the major publishers in CA and it was exactly the opposite. If you found a game breaking bug you would often have developers come down to talk to you about what you found. I remember showing off one where cars were driving under a bridge after doing something fairly simple and the guy was really upset but thankful for us finding it.

  11. The grace period law:
    – can quit whenever you want in the first 3 months (from the 1st of january, to the 1st of march 23:59)
    – can be fired whenever company wants, like above

    After the 3 months:
    – you need to give a 21 day notice (1 month) when resigning, in which time company will decide if they still want you to come in or just let you go after 1 day.
    – company must give a valid reason for firing you, not doing so will BLOCK that position from being occupied by anyone for 1 YEAR (12 months)

    This is why companies "bully employees into quitting", an absolutely abhorrent practice where employers will make employees work in inhumane conditions so that they either quit, or they can fire them because "they didn't want to work, so we fired them".

    Construction and (I think) electricity companies are the biggest offenders here.

  12. The biggest problem in video game QA is very simple: The pay is shit.

    How can you expect quality when you pay minimum wage or barely more than minimum wage regardless of performance or experience?
    You get an industry almost entirely filled with people fresh out of high school who are either there temporarily before moving on to a real career, or those who stay because they can't get a better job (which should worry you).

    Video games make dirty amounts of money, but the QA still gets paid like crap despite having such an important role to play.
    And this is unlikely to change.

  13. I don't see how you can run a company without a internal QA department, outsourcing a bulk of the work is fine but people internal to the company should be assessing the feedback given and be knowledgeable in the field they are QA'ing for, so they can point out that the outsource company is padding numbers and not reporting major issues, since it would take 20 mins of time to find major bugs in cyberpunk and if those aren't being fed to you by the outsourced company they're clearly not doing a good job or are purposefully hiding it from you.

  14. As a Romanian gamer dude, this breaks my heart. I did work for a firm that works in outsourcing different services, and when they were asked by the client if they could manage a different language for the same project, they stated that "they are ready for anything" but actually they had no staff that spoke that specific required language…..
    Oh and BTW, the law at 17:37 is indeed correct 100%. Just because we're in the (almost) eastern block, that doesn't mean our laws are that bad. This ain't the 3rd world.

  15. All good and dandy, but the core issue for every hapf decent gamer and this game was…that noone would buy it because they knew that it is a shit game…and a half assed production on the first place.
    You can beat around the bush all you want….at the end there os a game that is shit in its core….no matter bugs and this whole thing.
    I dont get it…🤣

  16. Make sure to watch Upper Escelons video in addition to watching this one. If you enjoy the content make sure to give the original creator and video a full and complete view as well.

  17. 20:02 fucking Wreckfwest was indeed, a wreckfest for devs, who, apparently, did nothing by themselves, as I was a part of an outsource team of 3D artists in Ukraine who were paid absolutely fucking abysmal. And were not allowed any national holidays as we were "behind the schedule" all the time no matter how much we did. Team consisted of 90% students and like a couple superiors. I am not surprised to hear that outsource is shady as fuck worldwide.

  18. I worked for a similar company as a software dev. Toxic management and atmosphere all around, with a particularly big asshole ceo, announcing his arrival, and leaving of office by revving up his Porsche GT2 RS (with Supreme stickers on it).


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