Dream On | CYBERPUNK 2077 | Episode 18 | MegMage Plays

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5 thoughts on “Dream On | CYBERPUNK 2077 | Episode 18 | MegMage Plays”

  1. Watching you play, it keeps hitting me how you really just can't see everything in one playthrough. The main quests, some of the major side arcs, even the regular filler quests, there are so many possibilities. I keep wondering which ending you're going to see…and whether or not you'll see the others. They all fall somewhere between hopeful, devastating, and badass.

  2. At 19:48 someone on Reddit I think said that apparently that’s the same delamain that drives v and Jackie to konpeki plaza which is how he knows v’s name and that the delamain is traumatized by the events that happened. There’s also the destination to the no tell motel at 20:01. And the combat mode being enabled.


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