Did Expectation Ruined Cyberpunk 2077?

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Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.3 is the biggest update the game had ever received, it even came with 3 free DLCs.
Learning about the update news brought back some memories when I first played the game.
So today I’m reviewing Cyberpunk 2077 again after 8 months to determine if the game is ruined by expectations.

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I sorta document my thought process and shares my thoughts on Twitter.

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7 thoughts on “Did Expectation Ruined Cyberpunk 2077?”

  1. Had a lot of fun making this video, hope you enjoyed it 😀
    *The bugs shown in the video are found in an hour and half, it's fricking hilarious, I actually enjoyed them more than the game tbh, lol

  2. That’s a rhetorical question if I’ve ever heard one. I pre order, get game, beat it, and moved onto other games. It was fun I never experienced any of the problems others were whining about. I am on pc, so that is probably why.

  3. I agree….the promotions on this game killed it. They should have just showed what they had instead of creating a fictional game in our heads . I disagree about it being a mediocre game it's a sold 8 on next gen consoles

  4. I have played a ton of CP. The thing that lends itself to replayabiliity to me is combat. Its only in combat that the situation is constantly changing as no 2 combat challenges are ever the same, they can be similiar (from use of weapons, tactical posititioning, etc.) but they will always be different. Combat is a an area that CP does well.
    As far as the rest, a story will be become boring after a couple playthroughs because it cannot change and you have seen it before. If GTA5 was limited to its single player campaign, no one would be playing it today, its only the online PVP, and Co-op hiests or free roam that interest people in continuing to play 8 years after release.
    What ruined CP is the game engine RED engine 4 that they created to run this. While it may create a visually stunning world, it does not do the things that all basic engines do and that is not allow 2 assets to occupy the same space (every thing in a game is an asset, ie buildings, cars, NPCs, character, trees, etc.) and the engine makes sure that 2 assets cannot occupy the same space (NPCs cant walk through cars or buildings or trees or your character) yet in CP they do, and its a horrible immersion breaker.
    Next the physics are interesting but immersion breaking (enemy bodies will fall in contorted positions that are impossilbe in real life. No NPC gets into a car and then has the upper part of their body stick out through the roof of the car, or T pose, those are CP originals.
    Then as you say the information and dialogue interaction is left wanting as you dont really feel like you have the option to explore questions you have and have any realistic interactions with the world. In Hitman if you are seen your notariety goes up and yet in CP no matter how many gang members you kill the other gang members dont recognize you and or start shooting the minute you walk by.
    The list of fails on CPDRs list to me are:
    1) they lied about the game in an obvious way pre launch that led to a ton of dissapointment (but the game was still fun to play).
    2) they couldn't patch the game mechanics because their engine was flawed, and have not to this day even though according to McVickers they re wrote parts of the engine for 1.3 patch.
    3) they seem to hate on the players who are the hands that feed them by constantly nerfing the game and keeping people who enjoy using exploits in the game from having fun.
    For instance people on the first series of patches could buy sodas selling for $10, then disasemble them to components and sell the components for 5 times what the cost of the soda was, then in 1.2 patch they made it impossible to do this anymore AND changed the connsumles to $20 sodas, $40 alcohol, etc. which gave you a little more $ and reason to collect them everywhere. Then in 1.3 they made all consumables worth $3 which makes them not worth collecting at all. That is a total insult to anyone collecting stuff in an RPG. They removed legendary items from loot boxes in the world (mantis blades, monowire and others), they removed the painting exploit to make $ that they put in the game in the first place, they nerfed netrunner style of game play in 1.2 and again in 1.3 even though there is no reason to balance ability's in a non PVP online game because they are not a PVP game that needs balancing. They removed the exploit where you could glide along the road at $60 mph without a car/bike, the endless money glitch at drop box selling, the being able to explore the inaccessible parts of the game world by opening a door through a wall, being able to open up a fast travel point in japantown and leave Watson in the early, etc. Why fix these things that players enjoy but not the obvious game physics an spacial glitches that people complain about. There is only one explanation to me and that is they hate gamers.


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