DeepCool AK620 Vs. Wraith Prism | Temperature Comparison In Cinebench & Cyberpunk 2077 | R7 3700X

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PBO was enabled while playing Cyberpunk with the Deepcool only

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• AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
• EVGA XC3 Ultra RTX 3080 Undervolted
• ASUS Tough Gaming B450 Motherboard
• Corsair 2x16GB @3200Mhz
• Samsung SSD EVO 970 500GB + 1TB
• Thermaltake 750W PSU
• Corsair 400D Airflow Case
• LG C1 OLED 48 Inch
• Windows 11

0:00 Wraith Prism Cinebench
0:42 DeepCool AK620 Cinebench
1:19 DeepCool w/ PBO Enabled
1:39 Wraith Prism Cyberpunk
2:40 DeepCool AK620 Cyberpunk


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