Cyberpunk 2077’s SECRET Character – Mr Blue Eyes & His Dark Story Explained!

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Mr Blue Eyes is the Gaunter O’Dimm / Illusive Man of Cyberpunk 2077 and you probably haven’t seen him in the game. Today we are going to go over where you can find him, his story and how it weaves into the stories of Garry The Prophet, Jefferson Peralez, Arasaka, Militech & Morgan Blackhand, and the Crystal Palace.

Get ready to set the stage for some huge additional content and DLC involving this corporate conspiracy!


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  2. What happens if you take the wife side? I took the guys side and he says shes in on it and is actually the one behind it. But only on a sketchy phone call way at the end of the game after final scene in credits, and the sketchy unknown caller could also be the wife i guess.

  3. Looking through the comments, I'm glad I'm not the only one who theorizes that Miriam Night has something to do with this.

    I have a more detailed version of this theory as a reddit post, which is for some reason never approved by the moderators ar r/cyberpunkgame, but this is pretty much the gist of it.

    "Cages of men melt as NIGHT descends."

    I believe the true identity of the rogue AI behind Mr Blue Eyes is Miriam Night herself, still trying to realize her husband's dream of utopia.

    The Peralez couple seems to be a reflection of Richard and Miriam, seemingly uncorrupt, idealistic visionary who are also anti-corp. I think the AI form of Miriam Night is trying to 'rerun' their life through the Peralez. The mind-control technology is her answer to the problem of human uncertainty and unreliability of trust, which lead to the death of her husband and the corruption of their dream. Utopia is impossible as long as humans have free will.

    In her eyes, Night City is their child, defiled by the megacorps. V took down one in some of the endings and now has her attention as potential ally or weapon.

    The AI contacts V offering hope of survival, in exchange for his cooperation to bring the other corps to heel.

    If it succeeds, it will subjugate the corps, control key figures within the city and beyond, and rule as a benevolent tyrant.

  4. I noticed an additional blue eyes thing… when jackie inserts the shard about the assasination at the start of the corpo playthrough… do your reckon the blue eyed guy was behind that as well?

  5. Something interesting I just noticed. On the heist V says he doesn't care about money and wants to prove something but also that he will get something in return from mr blue eyes.
    V: "Dont forget your side of the bargain"
    Mr. Blue Eyes: "Oh, I never forget a promise."
    Who knows, maybe by this point V knows who he is and that he can help him in return. Sounds to me like the casino heist is a prime candidate for a DLC where V hunts for fame and maybe a chance to save himself/herself.

  6. This honestly kind of gives me chills. The potential for story, the potential for some real, real scary implications behind and concequences for V's actions, regardless of the decision..
    The potential is unreal here.

    I to, like others in the comments think that CP2077 is bound to make a comeback – and swing hard with it.

  7. Do you see Garry before or after you see Mr. Blue eyes, I wonder if that could be what happens to Garry that he gets assimilated into becoming Mr. Blue eyes. I mean if one look at some pictures of Cohhcarnage with hair they do kinda look a little alike, I dunno if Cohh voice can sound like his or if another voice actor did Mr. Blue eyes. But wouldn't surprise me if Garry the prophet's storyline and this with Mr. Blue Eyes was not tied in together, since you saw Maelstrom at meeting with Jane and John Doe, same as where the van was had Maelstrom too and they seem to be deep into cybernetics like a cult.


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