Cyberpunk 2077's MASSIVE Patch 1.2 Notes Gives Perspective on the State of the Game

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Patch 1.2:



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45 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077's MASSIVE Patch 1.2 Notes Gives Perspective on the State of the Game”

  1. my eyes get stuck following the text as it scrolls up. weird. Can't make it out but I end up follow along with a specific line. Anyway, I don't care. Will probably play it next year hopefully with new hardware and a ton of patches.

  2. Cyberpunk 2077 is in really pretty bad shape. If they might try the Indie Games Approach like the No Man's Sky did. It can take years on end to finish, but it can pay off, patience is now on the plate, who will resist?

  3. I mean its buggy forsure but still a good game still deserves some recognition for being a creative experience that took more then a few risks and kinda blue up in thier face but still I cant sit here and say I hated it cause I didnt I rather enjoyed my time with the game

  4. And this is just the FIRST big patch so far…
    And what are they gunna do with the scrapped and unfleshed out ideas?
    The nonlethal system is still broken, huge chunks of the map is unused, going to waste and the melee-parkour system is still missing. No matter how many patches this gets, it's very core can never be fixed.

  5. RDR2, a game significantly bigger in terms of hard drive space, is one of the smoothest and polished gaming experiences I've ever got the opportunity to enjoy.

    Meanwhile Cyberpunk…

  6. Fricking Witcher 3 expansions were smaller in size than that patch, jfc. I had to uninstall stuff from my SSD in order to free up space so that behemoth could unpack itself. Thankfully, it gave most of it back once it was done.

  7. Honestly, I played on ps5, beat it and that was that. I dealt with the bugs and glitches and ultimately felt it to be pretty disappointed. I might play dlc if it's free, but I'm kind of over this game, it had it's time in the light but it's over for me.

  8. Theres more wrong with that games than bugs, they use the bugs excuse to keep your attention away from the real problems which are core foundational problems. I watched a video on the new patch and those foundational problems are still there. I am so disappointed that they did that to their fans, but I wasnt surprised seems to be the way the gaming industry is anymore, shit.

  9. Just deleted it and have been playing a much more fun game.. Watch Dogs Legion. Lol it feels weird to even say that w/ how hyped I was for Cyberpunk 2077 but it’s so true it’s not even funny. Four months ago I would’ve never believed it. I don’t even care about the state of this game anymore, the real perspective for me is the state of this industry

    As I said I’ve been having fun with Legion but it still fucking sucks just like all the other incomplete and halfassed AAA games that come out and get post developed over a 6 month to 3 year period. The videogame industry is pathetic and it’s ALL of our faults. The corporations for being ridiculously greedy and us the consumers for not holding them to higher standards, demanding quality and voting w/ our wallets

  10. Gladly, the only really annoying bugs I had where 2 contracts I couldn't finish because they bugged. Apart from that the only thing I stumbled across where some graphic bugs/glitches like clothes in body's or some shitty or repeating animations. I can live with that because the story, characters and City are just amazing. I can understand everybody that is annoyed about the bad physics or things like the wanted system. But, maybe it's because the only thing I saw before playing was the e3 2018 demo, I didn't expected gta like physics and wanted systems. The big thing for me is the empty streets and bad ai for npcs. This is really take away for me. Nevertheless I hope the bring a sequel because I love the whole idea of this game.

  11. Cyberpunk 2077 just seems like a slow game, atleast with updates.

    And I bet its gonna be Fun for me to read patch notes as I Love to read patch notes. But I want something new content to a patch, and then its even more fun to read. Anyways, are you a Hitman 3 fan?

  12. I love the fact CDPR still has the audacity to hint a "Paid DLC" for the future.
    Like, 4 real? Do you honestly believe you deserve 1 extra unit of currency from the consumers? the same consumers to whom you lied straight to their face? and later then spitted on? REALLY!?
    No, thank you LegacyKillaHD I will not give CDPR and Cy – Be – R – Pu – n – K – Tw – en – ty – se – ven – ty – se – ven a single buck anymore.

  13. I had a relatively glitch-free full playthrough. My issue with the game was the content tbh. The quests aside from 1 or 2 were bad, the guns were basic and lacked customization, no housing, no car customization, no gun customization, checklist gaming, Pacifica being the coolest area (for me) but being empty and pointless after you finish the quest with Placide, etc. It's sad too. I wasn't super hyped about the release and I loved the world but it was just so lacking.


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