Cyberpunk 2077 – Xbox Series X vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison Gameplay

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Ever wondered how different Cyberpunk 2077 looks on Xbox Series X compared to the Xbox One? This Gameplay compares the Graphics between the Xbox Series X vs Xbox One.
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Game – Cyberpunk 2077



30 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Xbox Series X vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison Gameplay”

  1. The standard Xbox One just looks like V has terrible vision and needs glasses… I'm impressed with both the PS5 and XBSX scaling like this on backwards compatibility alone! The game will improve massively on both consoles when properly released for them… and FIXED!

  2. Im so confused, everyone saying it looks like crap on PS4 and Xbox One but besides a small barely noticeable framerate drop i can barely tell the difference. Why are people so upset exactly?

  3. Watching Panic Button port Doom Eternal to the switch with such grace makes me think the higher ups at CDPR made a conscious decision to neglect the base console platforms. I know Doom is an arcade shooter with confined level structure, and CP is an open world rpg but given the development cycles of both I think its safe to assume greedy/ignorant upper management is to blame again. I am convinced that it CAN be optimized for a solid 30fps on base consoles, without so many compromises that the player base feels cheated. GET IT DONE CDPR

  4. I have a series x and xbox one x and there is still a big difference between those two. I think the older consoles weren’t made for this game the developers focused primarily on the new. The biggest difference I see is obviously the city population and cars they can’t even spawn on older consoles. This game is massive the map is the biggest ever on any game and the older consoles simply are harder to make power a game like this but it is ridiculous to still advertise the game like they did and disappoint people who still have older systems which is the majority.

  5. Xbox one player here. I could get over the frame rate if everything wasn’t so damn blurry. It’s like the world is made out of sand. Not a sharp line to be seen. It gives me a headache.

  6. The game is like a treadmill and Xbox bein the hamster and trying to put the hamster on a full speed treadmill going at 12 mph and the hamster can only run about 10mph. The game has a hard time rendering fast enough especially during driving. Textures take a good couple of seconds even more to fully render. But once it's all rendered it looks great for a Xbox one game. Some of the scenes in the game are still breathtaking and the cinemetics look like a real movie. I think they did a decent job with the game i think they could of toned it down a little bit for it to be fully functional on the Xbox and ps4 version but hey im still happy with it. I haven't had any game breaking glitches yet and i been playing for about 5 hours now. I think they must be really working on the bugs and glitches and are about done. Once it's finished itll be like a duct tape car put back together after being in a car wreck be about good as new until it completely falls apart.. Not really sure how well the ductape/ bandaids are gonna hold on 😅

  7. I would hate to be a developer having to push out a huge game for an older gen console just so people can complain about it when it's not perfect or up to their standards. When it's well above normal standards for a game. I mean come on the game is massive, and there is so much detail in it that it makes it hard for it to run on the previous gen console. It was intended for the next gen. But imo it still runs pretty damn good! So stop complaining about it and appreciate the developers more for crafting such a unique, massively beautiful game!


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