Cyberpunk 2077 What happens when you call Delamain

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7 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 What happens when you call Delamain”

  1. I hate that none of the delamains after his mission can be called. Some of them text you, but it's not the same. Even more annoying is that none of them can drive you around

  2. Interesting. So Del is a people watcher. Wonder if he ever gives secret lifts to interesting chooms just to hear them babble away in his back seat? Maybe even couples arguing is interesting to him lol. Then again, its all Dataflow so everything is important, equally so, to someone like him.

  3. Check the motel rooms that are not quest related in the quest to help the Asian dude with a fixation on nicknames that pissed off the Tyger Claws in Watson and the quest in 6th street territory at the drug lab in a motel(green building 2nd floor drug lab, brown apartments in back). I forget the names of the quests and exact locations but there's some interesting robot stuff happening in rooms that are not quest related at both places. Gorilla arms will help in the endeavor.


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