Cyberpunk 2077 vs Watch Dogs Legion RTX 3080 4K Ray Tracing Graphics Comparison

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Let’s face it. 2020 has brought us some top notch games which are utilizing Ray Tracing technology. Time to compare two of the very best looking (yes, even despite enormous number of glitches) games of the year.
Here’s Cyberpunk 2077 vs Watch Dogs Legion RTX 3080 4K Ray Tracing Graphics Comparison.

Both games were captured on following rig at highest possible settings (visible in the video):

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition:
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X:
G.SKILL 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz CL16 Ripjaws V Black
Goodram 1TB SSD

Bus Da Blockbuster by Doug Maxwell
Average by Patrick Patrikios
It was a fine day by London HiFi

Watch Dogs font “HACKED” by David Libeau

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50 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 vs Watch Dogs Legion RTX 3080 4K Ray Tracing Graphics Comparison”

  1. It's clear that there are two different styles to the graphics. Watchdog Legions looks natural and photorealistic. Cyberpunk 2077 is more stylized and cartoon like. I prefer the look of Watchdog but gameplay will be more important to me. TBH I rarely finish Ubisoft games. I just lose interest because of the repetition and the grind of their games

  2. watch dogs looks very boring. not in terms of graphics but because of creation of the city. it looks like nowadays with some extras while cyberpunk is looking really futuristic.

  3. and still every person i've watched keeps saying watch dogs legion looks like a ps3 game, character model's wise? I understand, but environments wise, has to be one of the few that can look like reality, when its cloudy in day time the thing looks too realistic, but cus its not "pretty" it "looks like shit" cus it nails the ugliness of reality, its London, what where you expecting, but this is also a negative for Ubisoft, if every game looks this photo realistic they will have to invest into stylizing their games instead of making them the most realistic cus at some point its all going to look the same, WD2 already had some really good visuals that might even look like reality sometimes cus of the high fidelity textures and lighting engine, so did AC Unity but minus the good textures, and the division 2 is overkill in the graphics too, one of the few games that doesn't have weird shaded hair, if every game they make looks the same, then thats going to be a problem for them in the future for brand recognition.

    Now back to this game, idk about the gameplay but in the graphics department, it looks pog

  4. Both look great. CP2077 is on another level though. The amount of skyscrapers all over the place which dwarf over you is insane. You barely see the sky in that game most of the time as there's always some massive building blocking the sky.

  5. Played both and cp 2077 is a mess even after 8 months and all those updates it still feels dull i mean u cannot fix immersion with patches lol cdpr noobs hope they have learned their lesson 👎

  6. The more i play WDL,the more i see the little details on its world,even the ray tracing details.For example,when it rains in WDL,your clothes get wet,if you wear leather,it will reflect lighting even more,it's insanely detailed.

  7. Watch Dogs Legion was in my opinion a fantastic game. It’s recruiting system was fun and unique and though there was no main character I really liked the story of it. Plus it’s setting is detailed with some absolutely breathtaking graphics. Watch Dogs makes cyberpunk look like a joke

  8. Optimization of course for games Ubisoft just gorgeous: the load of the video core is 70-90%, while in the "unoptimized" Cyberpunk – 98-99%.I'd rather get a stable 40 fps than 45-80 fps with freezes, lags when loading the card, as it was in Far cry5

  9. Cyberpunk 2077 has much more complex ray tracing functions than Watch Dogs Legion, but honestly, Watch Dogs Legion handles reflections better. There's more reflective surfaces, and CP2077 forces screen space reflections even if you turn them off and they'll overlay the ray traced reflections if the reflected objects are in screen space. Even if this problem wasn't there, the actual ray traced reflections still look better in WDL.

  10. Better setting cyberpunk better graphics and more immersive in watch dogs more realistic water in cyberpunk better reflection watch dogs better midnight walk watch dogs better day walk watch dogs

  11. I have a problem with watch dogs legion, after 40 mins (more or less) fps drop so much and I have to close and open the game again. I'm with a 3090. Did you have problems like this?

  12. What I liked the most is that in the slums are very well detailed everything cable and the modern futuristic setting is great this very well detailed that could easily be the map of a spiderman from insomniac games


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