Cyberpunk 2077 – Update 2.0 Impressions After 50 Hours

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00:00 – Overview
00:33 – New Police Review & Max Tac
03:18 – Combat Changes Impressions
04:37 – Difficulty Spikes
07:08 – Vehicle Combat Impressions
09β€³02 – Loot
10:24 – Other impressions
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20 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Update 2.0 Impressions After 50 Hours”

  1. I can never do first person mode while driving because the way the keyboard moves the steering wheel always breaks my immersion, can't stand it. Really hate when games make the wheel jerk anytime you steer slightly, no one drives like that in r/l

  2. If they removed all that crafting components and stuff, should I sell all the grenades and crafting components I duplicated? What about other stuff? Is there anything else I should dismantle and sell?

  3. Great review! Quick question for you.. if i have max skills. and i don't want to start a new game.. what happens to all those attribute and perk points i have now? do i lose them or do i get to use them on the new skill tree? thanks!

  4. I played a bit at launch, quit, came back for 1.6 and did a playthrough. 2.0 seems like Cyberpunk as it should have been all along, if this was the launch game it would have cleaned up.

  5. Meh. I'm having a hard time finding enough give a shit to get excited about paying a company that flat lied to me MORE money for doing part of what they promised, eventually, if you buy it separate.

    Not real happy about more nerfs, or the cyberware super-nerf, or remaking character builds for in progress games AGAIN.


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