Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0 – Can It Redeem the Game?

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For CD Projekt RED, Cyberpunk 2077 has been a journey of ups and downs. The sci-fi FPS/RPG was released amid great hype and millions of copies sold, only to plummet due to various bugs, game-breaking performance on previous-gen platforms and failure to live up to its potential.

All these years and updates later, it’s become a product that fans and CD Projekt RED can be proud of. However, Cyberpunk 2077 receives its biggest update this month when patch 2.0, overhauling the police system, perks, Cyberware and combat AI. It also adds vehicular combat and car chases, all for free.

It’s seemingly out before Phantom Liberty, the game’s first expansion, but can it redeem the game? Does Night City even need any redemption at this point? Find out here.


43 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0 – Can It Redeem the Game?”

  1. Cyberpunk is a very fun game in its current state and I really look forward to the upcoming changes to hopefully make it even better. I never felt the game was bad even at launch (just didn’t live up to the hype) and has only gotten better with time. I personally don’t see anything to redeem at this point but I can also see how some people might disagree with that as well.

  2. I am getting close to the end of my 6th full playthrough of the game, & am absolutely addicted to Night City & its stories/characters….so see no need for it to be redeemed. 2.0 will, however, make an already great game absolutely stellar.

  3. No it can't. Beacause the devs do not understand the cyberpunk genre. Cyberpunk 2077 does not represent the cyberpunk genre. It's trying but it's not a good job. It's always sunny it look like a mix between California and Las Vegas 15 years from now. Ask yourself which world would it be easier to live in the wold of cyberpunk 2077, the Matrix or Blade runner.

  4. I've bought this game 3 times now and got a refund for all of them.
    First time was at the pre sell, where they kept not releasing it on date. Later i got it soon after release and didn't like..
    Last i tried about 3 months ago…. couldn't stand this game to be honest.

  5. The game was "redeemed" after first few patch updates within months.
    Those who didn't give CDPR the time and respect finalize before passing FINAL judgement on the game don't deserve their opinion respected.
    The Witcher was buggy, Bethesda games are buggy…it happens, that doesn't mean the entire thing is garbage dumpster.
    CP 2.0 will change the game overall, not just 'update' it. So now's the time to play if there was ever, because soon the old game will be gone
    Then decide which version you like best, then live with 2.0 as it's all you'll have.

  6. what do you mean can it redeem the game… the games perfectly fine and is awesome. ran perfectly fine for me on launch day. also theres so many people who enjoy it now like what? yall stupid.

  7. I never bought the game due to the terrible state of the game . I feel like the dlc should of been free . A big sorry for lying and stealing your money . Hopefully cdpr comes back to there old way but unfortunately this isn’t the way . I get it was a big undertaking but the drama behind the scenes show us that trying to be to big for your britches is never a good thing . This isn’t a no man’s sky deal . This company legitimately stole your money and then said sorry smh I know lots of ppl love this game and to each there own but I’ll pick it up in a few years when it’s dirt cheap and fully optimized

  8. I was immensely hyped for this game. Bought it on day 1 (ps4 version) and played only the prologue. I stopped right when we are able to free roam. Haven't touched the game since, even after buying a ps5. I am waiting for this update to finally play the game.

  9. What do you mean redeem? The game is a masterpiece from beginning to end. Everything about this game is top notch. Not to mention releasing the game the way they did wasn’t even entirely their fault. They literally got scammed by a video game testing firm.

  10. The game has been redeemed for ages. And this is coming from somebody who was previously one of the games biggest critics. I swear once some people choose to hate on a game there's nothing you can do to sway them.

    With that being said there were gargantuan problems with the game early on but by the time patch 1.5 dropped it was fantastic.

  11. What really annoyed me like crazy was when Cyberpunk had the revamp that fixed bugs and made the game play smoother, so many people commented or made videos saying how amazing the game was now.

    But, the things they were calling amazing were all things that already worked great when the game first came out. Things like the weapons, the characters, the story, etc.

    That means most people were so angry with the bugs they weren’t willing to give the game a chance at all. Or, they listened to the overboard negativity about bugs or issues and formed their own negative opinion without giving the game their own play through.

    The game was great when it first came out, and yes it did have some bugs, but they weren’t as bad as most people tried to make it seem.

  12. CDPR is easily one of the best developers in the industry. It feels impossible for them to release another game that’ll match or be better than the Witcher 3 but Cyberpunk was still a great game from the start.

  13. I've avoided this game and major spoilers till now. When 2.0 comes out I can finally experience it at its full glory. Also there are so many great mods for it now.

    This is the way to do games nowadays with devs releasing unfinished and buggy games.


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