Cyberpunk 2077 | Update 1.7 Is Going To Be HUGE (Speculation)

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That last video got me feeling like Zoolander (is this meme still relevant). But seriously, here’s another video looking into the upcoming 1.7 update for Cyberpunk and what it contains, as well as some speculation, of course.

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7 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 | Update 1.7 Is Going To Be HUGE (Speculation)”

  1. Cyberpunk is the best game I've ever played. I never played it on release. Only got a ps5 and this was what I wanted to play. Fantastic game and I'm so invested in it. Gonna watch edgerunners soon too

  2. Yeah, whenever you see police investigating a crime scene or Trauma Team scooping up a client, it's just some vehicles and a couple of NPCs standing around repeating generic dialogue. These things shouldn't be static, you should see Trauma swoop in, do their thing and bug off, you should be able to engage with them if you want to as well. When you see cyber security netrunners around, they should be DOING something in that area as a dynamic event, not just standing in one place nodding their heads. We need more random EVENTS in this world, as well as just some basic interaction stuff like being able to go to clubs, dance, drink, do recreational drugs, have one-night stands… these were all things that were sold to us in all their trailers leading up to the release that STILL aren't in the game. Non-progression, non-narrative related content to just have fun in this setting.


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