cyberpunk 2077 ultimate sandevistan slow motion Build

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Here gamers I go over a build for Cyberpunk 2077 that covers all the bases you have A.O.E damage you have almost infinite slow motion you have some great Regen and a way to do stealth if needed so if you are after the ultimate slow motion pistol sandevistan build then look no further.
00:00 Intro
01:03 Gameplay
02:37 Weapons Armor Mods & Loadout
06:08 Cybeware
11:29 Attributes allocation
12:31 Perks allocation
21:44 Outro


9 thoughts on “cyberpunk 2077 ultimate sandevistan slow motion Build”

  1. Tried to Make a well rounded almost perma slow mo build this allows for stealth when needed plus easy health regen fast combat with the katana or nice slightly slower paced but just as devastating combat with the comrades hammer allowing for some great A.O.E and single shot damage

  2. Great build and all as always keep it up. I do wish they add more different kinds of cyberwares in future like maybe an cyberware give you am extra pair of arms so be like Goro from mortal kombat and have like some samples like 4 pistols one for each hand maybe 2 bigger guns for each arm pair or 4 gorilla arms, or mantis blades for both top and bottom arms , 2 blades to double wield both top pair and bottom pair of arms hell maybe even 4 blades in each hand

  3. If you don't absolutely need a ballistic coprocessor or smartlink in the hands always go for the Tyger Claws Dermal Imprint. Something a lot of people don't realize is that it actually prevents enemy smartlink weapons from locking on to you. That's why when you use a smartlink weapon against Tyger Claws it won't lock on and the rounds actually veer away from your target.

    If you are going a high reflex build and investing in blades at all…Use Monowire. AoE damage, good range, and it's way higher damage output than any katana available in the game or anything you can do with Gorilla Arms and the Street Brawler tree.

    If you are taking the Optical Camo, always boost cool and grab the Lynx Paws for your legs. Being invisible is great, but if the enemy can still hear you they can still shoot you. Cool and Lynx Paws make you almost completely silent. This is why some people think the Optical Camo doesn't work, since enemies can still shoot at you while it's up.

    Other than that, an interesting build with a lot of potential.

    The Sandi build I was running is actually quite different, and I feel like it works incredibly well. Focusing on Monowire instead of tech weapons, you can drop Tech to 18 (Exclusively to craft the legendary Heatsinks), drop body to 18, and blades to 18 to allow you to get 14 into Cool to get a lot more out of cold blood. In addition, 14 Cool lets you to use the Metabolic Editor, Inductor, and Heat Converter which will make shock, poison, and burn actually buff you instead of damage you on the rare occasions an enemy will actually manage to hit you with them. Heal on Kill with Monowire will basically keep your health at max in almost all situations, Second Heart is still available as a safety net incase something goes horribly wrong. For the Skeleton grab the Micro Rotors and Microvibration Generator to boost your attack speed and base damage of the Monowire. Adrenaline Booster gives you 50% stamina every time you defeat an enemy which makes it so you can spam melee attacks and dodges and never worry about your stamina, and is in my opinion more beneficial than the Microgenerator. Of course stick with the Qiant Sandi with 3 Heatsinks, because 3 second cooldown is basically god mode. Kerenzikov and Nanorelays are still possible with 18 reflex. And lastly tack on a Visual Cortex Support common for an extra 6% crit damage.

  4. Wait…wth?
    Back when i played i looked EVERYWHERE for another upgrade to my integumentary system. It drove me nuts they had 3 slots but only 1 cyberware product to use.

    Am i missing something? Where did you get the other stuff?


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