Cyberpunk 2077 – ULTIMATE 30+ BEGINNER TIPS AND TRICKS \ Beginners Guide

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Here are my Cyberpunk 2077 Tips and Tricks – We’ve got Combat Tips, Exploration Tips, Upgrading V Tips, Crafting Tips and more! Your stop shop Cyberpunk 2077 Beginners Guide.
Let me know any tips I’ve missed in the comments below!

00:00 – Intro
00:35 – Exploration Tips
02:55 – Combat Tips
05:04 – Inventory And Crafting Tips
07:30 – Upgrading V Tips
10:00 – Outro

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35 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – ULTIMATE 30+ BEGINNER TIPS AND TRICKS \ Beginners Guide”

  1. great tip on taking your time, i played for about 3 hours and already im in act 2 and feel like i missed out big time on the street thug stuff. I think its really stupid that you basically go from zero to hero just by advancing into the second main story quest after the inital rescue mission. Now i am resetting my save and avoding the mainline. I have barely explored anything but cutscenes at this point because i just kept running the main quest not understanding how to do side quests.

  2. I noticed a lot of youtubers mentioning … side quest and how you should invest time in them wonder if that’s a diss towards gamespot female journalist who said she chose to not do side quest then gives it 7/10 even though she missed most of the games mechanics besides bugs the games epic

  3. This game has lived up to the hype in every way for me, course I didn't think it would cure cancer either, like some people. Admittedly the bugs need to be ironed out, but with a second patch already, they appear to be on it.

  4. I ended up starting a new character to see how much money I could make from those crime events and gigs before talking to Jackie for the first time, turns out quite a lot. Have like 130k at lvl 11 and several legendary mods and gear. Not even been to a shop lol.

  5. FINALLY. Someone who appreciates perk which auto breaks junk. A lot of people give advice to not take that perk and to be able to sell those super rare junk items which are 750. But you are correct, they are so rare in comparison to regular junk that it is simply not worth it. besides 750 is nothing. WHile getting craft components and skill grow constantly is much better way in a long run. So yes, followed. for just this advice not even talking about other advices

  6. I noticed that jewellery i.e necklaces are worth 750 eddies but classed as junk. I don’t think the auto junk perk is worth it. I am currently having to save 100k eddies to purchase the reset skill on the perk tree so that I can start again.

  7. Pro tip number one- When buying Cyberpunk 2077 you need to ask yourself one question. What am I going to be playing this game on? If your answer is anything but an Xbox Series X or gaming PC you're going to have a bad time. I got it on the Series X at launch and I love, love, love it. I'm at roughly 150 hours in and I still haven't finished it yet (Achievement hunting). We also purchased Cyberpunk for our PS5 *physical so my fiancee could play at the same time and even after a month the damn thing crashes constantly.

  8. First tip: Take your time and explore! Me almost 10 hrs in: “Wait! That whole heist mission chain was just the prologue?!”
    6:22 Correction: He means “attachments”, not “mods”. Mods CANNOT be removed and WILL be destroyed when they’re removed from gear. To remove a mod safely, you need a specific perk, but even then, the gear it was on has to be dismantled to get it…
    For the record, I don’t mind watching any length of video as long as it’s informative and professionally done throughout(like this one is). Want to make an hour long “Tips” video? Go ahead! I’ll watch it if it meets those standards.

  9. For money making do all the crimes you see as well, you get a bit of money for each pne pluss all the loot. Just ignore the crimes where the police are involved on the scene. The game tells you to do them but there seems to be a bug where you'll have a warrant issued once you help them and then both the criminals and police will be trying to kill you.

  10. Unless you are DESPERATE for gear, sell everything early on and scrap gear by value and rarity later.

    You're gonna need cash more early, and you won't be able to craft for a good while, so it is much simpler and easier on you.

    And yes, ignore scrapper. It still sucks now.

    Oh, and seriously, wait to buy cars. Do your main quest for a bit and you'll get a ride soon, then do some stuff for other parties that is really EASY and you'll get more. TRUST me, save the eds, earn the whips.


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