Cyberpunk 2077 this is why there is not 3rd person view

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Some finetuning would be needed until Cyberpunk could have an official 3rd person mode. Games on the ’90s had better animated player characters. The devs have done just the minimum which gives somewhat plausible shadows for the 1st person view.

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  1. i mean they can always properly make a 3rd person camera, just look at what Capcom did with Resident Evil Village, the problem is that the game itself probably isn't "adapted" to 3rd person, Capcom itself said they felt they were remaking Village when they were doing the 3rd person mode, and that's a VASTLY smaller game compared to how big Cyberpunk 2077 is

  2. If the developers had wanted to, they could have made it so that players could choose between a first-person view or a third-person view. There is only one third personal vision cut scene in the game, at the end of the story, when V and Johnny are sitting on the balcony. There we see our character. I think the character animations in that scene are very good, we need more of them in the game.

  3. Who would want to play in 3rd person view? Lol the average person can't even remote view without drugs, and are so drugged up on medication that they can't have dreams.
    Humanity at a downfall and cyberpunk story becoming more realistic by the day.


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