Cyberpunk 2077 – Session 33 – BremSter Plays (with Ray Tracing Overdrive)

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Session 33 in my exploration of Cyberpunk 2077
by CD PROJEKT RED; originally released in 2020.

WARNING: Cyberpunk 2077 contains strong language, intense violence, blood and gore, as well as nudity and sexual material.

I highly recommend these videos for mature viewers only.

You can find the playlist for this series at:

I have not played this before, and I expect to learn a lot while playing.

I hope to stream my entire journey, but I do not know how this will work.
I will not be streaming to a schedule, or at regular times; just starting it up when I find time to play.

It is important to note I do not consider myself a great gamer, just a casual player who enjoys exploring a game as I play.
Do not expect speed runs, the best solutions to anything, or the most efficient way to play this game. I will be learning as I play and trying to have some fun.

Watch me for the fun of seeing someone encounter the game for the first time, not an example of the most efficient way to play.
There are many other channels out there that will cover that better.

I am playing in 4k with Path Tracing, but only streaming in 1440p because of internet speed.

Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam:


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