Cyberpunk 2077 SEQUEL – Project Orion – NEW Witcher Games – Hadar

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Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel – Project Orion – NEW Witcher Games – NEW IP – Hadar


31 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 SEQUEL – Project Orion – NEW Witcher Games – Hadar”

  1. the good thing is that the cyberpunk engine is already made and will probably be used for orion, so we will likely not have as many bugs. about the performance issues, idk

  2. “All three games to be released within a 6 year period” if they’re telling the truth that would be absolutely insane. Idk how to feel about that, I’m just hoping Witcher 4 isn’t rushed out….

  3. Great! Can i get this one for free? Since i paid 60€ for the ps4 version that had more value as a coaster. And now i played it on the ps5. Better lighting, but npc's still fall in the most unrealistic ways. I won't buy anything from CD projekt red, until i've read player reviews. Every site was lyrical about cyberpunk, but no-one had the bright idea to test it one a ps4.

  4. You know, even after finishing the game like 4 times, I still think that the game should've been 3rd person. I think implementing the the cybernetics would've been better that way. (like seeing the mantis blades or the projectile launch system being deployed, hacking away at enemies) but I guess they went 1st person because of immersion, Keanu or some other reasons. I mean, it could've been like that upcoming Wanted game, blending swords and gunplay


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