Cyberpunk 2077 – Sandayu Oda Boss Fight (Cyberninja)

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Cyberpunk 2077 Sandayu Oda Boss Fight (Cyberninja) on Hard Difficulty.

Main Mission: Play It Safe
After you pull the cable out of the netrunner, the Sanduya Oda boss fight will start automatically.

Strategy: Sandayu Oda is the most versatile boss so far with the most varied moveset. He will start attacking you with dual melee weapons. Always dodge away or to the side when he attacks (double-press the crouch button). When you’re not dodging you’ll continuously want to shoot him. Doing Headshots with a Revolver works well here. Fully automatic weapons work good too but might run out of ammo too quickly. Shotguns can deal decent damage but depending on the model might be very slow to reload. Equip a weapon of a different ammo type in each slot (one Pistol / Revolver, one fully automatic weapon, one Sniper Rifle). This way you won’t run out of ammo so easily. Be careful to not get pushed into a corner by Oda’s melee attacks. When he jumps in the air and comes smashing down with a melee attack he will deal a lot of damage if not dodged. Just keep dodging continuously when he does that. After his first attack wave he will start alternating between a homing bullets and his melee attacks. When he uses homing bullets always run to cover. He will also start jumping / climbing up to the higher areas, from where he will shoot homing bullets exclusively. He takes little breaks between these bullet attacks, giving you a perfect opening to land some Sniper Rifle Headshots on him. As soon as he shoots you hide behind cover and repeat. As his health drops, he will start to use a stealth cloak and “disappear” from the minimap. You will see his health recharging while he hides away. Run through all the constructions huts in a circle around the area to find him. He will always hide in one of them (random where) and you can see the blue outline of his cloak. Shoot him and he will stop recharging health. Finding him quickly when he does that is important so he doesn’t have time to recharge much health. If your health gets dangerously low, just start running away through the constructions huts around the area and spam health items on yourself (press UP). As long as you don’t run out of ammo or health items you will be fine. So ideally, go into this fight well-stocked on both of those things.

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37 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Sandayu Oda Boss Fight (Cyberninja)”

  1. Since oda can kill me in two hits, i had to use a katana and parry every attack he does. I fcking loved this fight since it reminded me of sekiro. Meanwhile, adam smasher was a joke compared to this fight. I pretty much killed smasher in 10 seconds while oda took me several attempts.

  2. Tips to beat Oda
    1. Use mantis blades when he is on mantis blades , it’s much easier .
    2. Try to counter his attacks it reduces his health a lot
    3. When he switches to his smart gun take cover and shoot your gun ( make sure your shots count as he can dodge )
    4. Quickly run to him when he takes cover to heal and attack , would be cooler if you have kerenzikov cyberware installed so that you can catch up to his speed and he can’t be as fast as you .

    I beat him on very hard on my 3rd try .

  3. just got this quest a moment ago, since I also got my mantis blade, when he's charge and our mantis blades clashes, I imagine a scene like some sort of anime battle, add the music, it's lit. my imagination running wild 🤣🤣

  4. In my cybersamurai build (investing atlethic, reflex, and cool attribute) in very hardmode lvl 30, its very easy, but had fun, so i tried to rematch him several times, i had most fun is beating him without my main weapon…with next to nothing in atlethic perk, with my non upgraded dildo. It is kind of fair fight plus itll be most disgrace him to be beaten by bonked with a dildo

  5. Tech/reflex/body use sandevistan, kreznikov, synaptic accelerator. For weapon legendary katana. Start fight by letting him trigger your kreznikov and then dodge to activate accelerator. Once that ends activate sandevistan and he should be dead by the time that’s done. Ez.

  6. So this is what happened to Charles after rdr2. Somewhere during his time alive, he became a robot cyberninja called oda and lived till the year 2077 before being killed by V…. Damn.

  7. Oda is so friggin cool. I beat him because of the bad physics. He got stuck of geometry and his AI glitched out so he couldn't move or attack. I didn't want to beat him that way because he's so cool.

  8. I loooooved this boss battle. I did it as a net runner and kept going into slomo.. the music, and the drop of the overall instrumentals was insanse between this and the Adam smasher battles, idk which one I love more.. cdpr makes amazing boss fights

  9. This guy on hard was tough. Way harder than Adam Smasher. I tried fighting him with a knife and had alot of trouble, switched to mantis blades and I fared alot better


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