Cyberpunk 2077 – RX 570 – Ryzen 5 2600 – Low/Medium/High/Ultra

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Cyberpunk 2077 – RX 570 – Ryzen 5 2600 – Low/Medium/High/Ultra

00:00 Low
03:27 Medium
06:22 High
08:49 Ultra

My Hardware:

Graphics Card: RX 570 8GB Asus ROG Strix
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600
RAM: 2×8 GB DDR4 2400 MHz
SSD: 240 GB
HDD: 2x1TB
OS: Windows 10
Mainboard: MSI B450M-A Pro MAX


42 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – RX 570 – Ryzen 5 2600 – Low/Medium/High/Ultra”

  1. Your spec is exactly the same like my PC 👍. I will wait for a better optimization patch as there is no reason why this game should not work in constant 60fps on medium with rx570.

  2. hello, great video
    One question, have you tried activating the fidelityFx? options, as I read it improves the fps a lot, please could you share how much it does.
    I have the same configuration and am very undecided about buying it now.

  3. Thanks for your video with the ryzen 5 2600, a lot of videos show tests on ryzen 5 3600. I'm currently waiting on my radeon 5600xt to arrive. I'm surprised at the night and day difference with a rx570 and the base consoles.


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