Cyberpunk 2077 RTX 3080 1440p Benchmark | RTX + DLSS | All Settings | i7-9700k | PC Gameplay

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Benchmark of the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 using an EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra and an Intel i7-9700k. GPU OC’d with +100 core and CPU OC’d with 1.37 Vcore.
Tests include standing looking into Night City, Third Person Driving and First Person Driving.
Hope you enjoy!


Mobo: MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
CPU: Intel i7-9700k
GPU: EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra
PSU: EVGA Supernova 1000g
RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro rgb 3200mhz
Case: Corsair Crystal Series 680x
AIO: CoolerMaster ML240L v2 RGB
Samsung 970 Evo plus m.2 1 tb
Samsung 860 Evo SSD 1 tb
Western digital m.2 1 tb
3 ll120 RGB fans/intake
2 ll140 RGB fans/exhaust/bottom intake

0:00 Max Settings
0:24 First Person Ray Tracing Max
0:44 First Person Ray Tracing Ultra
1:05 First Person Ray Tracing Medium
1:27 First Person Ultra Preset
1:46 First Person High Preset
2:06 First Person Medium Preset
2:28 First Person Low Preset
2:53 Third Person Psycho RT Driving
3:54 Third Person Ultra RT Driving
4:50 Third Person Medium RT Driving
5:55 Third Person Ultra Driving
6:54 Third Person Ultra + DLSS Driving
7:48 Third Person High Driving
8:41 Third Person High + DLSS Driving
9:44 Third Person Medium Preset Driving
10:44 Third Person Low Preset Driving
11:51 First Person Low Preset Driving
12:49 First Person Medium Preset Driving
13:50 First Person High Preset Driving
14:41 First Person Ultra Preset Driving
15:46 First Person RT Medium Preset Driving
16:50 First Person RT Ultra Preset Driving
17:56 First Person Max Settings Psycho RT Driving

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43 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 RTX 3080 1440p Benchmark | RTX + DLSS | All Settings | i7-9700k | PC Gameplay”

  1. Noticed that your gpu isn't being fully utilized with RT off. As if the 9700k is bottlenecking the 3080. But at 1440p, that shouldn't happen i don't think? Strange. Hopefully future optimization will fix that!

    EDIT: noticed the gpu usage is only lower with DLSS on. Raw Ultra preset seems fine!

  2. I have the same specs and I cant get above 60ish FPS regardless of how much I take down the graphics settings. I’ve even tried going lowest res with everything on low and I get the same FPS as 1440 quality mode maxed. I’ve tried reinstalling my drivers too.

  3. Is there any difference between the max raytracing preset and the ultra raytracing? I have a FTW3 ultra 3080 and a i7 8700K, also my monitor is a 144p and 144Hz, if I want to play with a minimum of 60fps whit with preset should I play?

  4. I have a 5600x with a 3080 and I get 60-70 FPS on medium to high settings with RT off and Quality DLSS. When I do quick spins in while driving I get in the low 50’s. What am I doing wrong?

  5. I have an i5 8600k and an RTX 3080 and the cpu is still running at 100% in any game I had no problem with the cpu but here I hit the limit …… is it worth switching to the i7-9700k?

  6. Hey! great video, im running basically the exact same pc as you.. Question, what monitor/ resolution are you running at? 1440p with gsync? or something else?
    I run 1440p w/ gsync and mine doesnt quite look this good lol

  7. hey, please can you help, i got my rtx 3080 ftw3 ultra paired with ryzen 9 3900x and im getting horribly low fps, stuttering and more in my games, please can you think of anything i could do?

  8. Am I the only one getting some weird frame skipping when turning the camera too fast while driving in third person ? This is so weird as my fraemaret is almost always above 90 fps and it ony happens when I look in certain directions, can't explain what it is

  9. my i5 9600k is not holding 60fps across the entire game with rtx on even on lowest dlss ultra performance, it stutters and there is random drops to 40s and low gpu utilization. I cant upgrade to i9 9900k because its still very expensive in my country, but i7 9700k have a way better price, but im afraid is not enough too, did u notice any slowdowns or fps drops with rtx on with your rig?

  10. This is insane. I play on a 1080p ultrawide so, considering this is the performance at 1440p, I should expect at least a slight increase in framerate. I haven't been able to get my hands on a 3080 like 90% of people out there but I'm happy to know I can expect similar performance. Due to my old hardware and lack of patience, I've been playing cyberpunk through the geforce now streaming service and the latancy can be too much at times. Fantastic technology but it just isn't there yet.

  11. have the "Rtx 3080 vetus 3x OC" and "i7 9700k" "1440p" and 24gb ram but its " 2400 mhz"but I get like low fps on max like in the city I get 40 to 50 fps .. I think im having ram bottle neck .. im I right or I got a faulty graphic card :(.. high cpu usage and low gpu usage btw ..


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