Cyberpunk 2077 | RTX 2070 Laptop – v1.04 Update Med/High/Ultra/RTX/DLSS

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Just Thought I show you guys some of the performance in the City with this Lappy:

MSI GE66 Raider
15″ FHD 240Hz
i7 10750H
RTX 2070 8GB (Not Max Q)
32GB 2666mHz

Time Stamps:
0:50 Medium Preset
1:44 High Preset
2:31 Ultra Preset
3:28 Medium RTX Preset
4:07 Ultra RTX Preset
4:54 Ultra TRX Preset w/DLSS
6:46 Medium Preset w/DLSS + Frame Rate Unlocked

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For product reviews and other business related inquiries ONLY – contact me here – [email protected]

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28 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 | RTX 2070 Laptop – v1.04 Update Med/High/Ultra/RTX/DLSS”

  1. What would you recommend if i play over my laptop on a 1440p resolution?

    My laptop is a ge75 9sf with a rtx 2070 non max q and an i7-9750 woth a dual channel 16gb and ddr4 ram 2666 and on an ssd (nme)

  2. extremely helpfull i have been wanting to buy a new laptop and i didnt know if to go for the 2080 super or 2080 or 2070 super or just 2070 honestly 2070 would do great on 1080p def

    thank you!!!

  3. I have a PowerSpec (Clevo) 1520 with i7-8750H & RTX 2070 (no Max-Q) and this was exactly what I was looking for. I really like what you did here. Your review cut right to the point.

  4. you just got a new subscriber. btw this game is just Nvidia marketing used to make everyone feel like their perfectly fine PCs and laptops aren't good enough and so everyone is going to want to upgrade to play CyberPunk. Nvidia is hurting because of how well AMD is doing. So this is their play recover some of those losses. And good for you for not falling for that crap

  5. I played the game on the specs you have but my laptop is msi but there is a different Between the highest settings and medium but you can’t see it because you are far frome the screen and and the settings looks more Beautiful at night

  6. I need help please

    Gigabyte Aorus 15G. I7 10750H + Rtx 2070 Max-Q. 240Hz. Mechanical keyboard. It does not have G-Sync. $ 2110

    Acer Predator Triton 500. I7 10750H + Rtx 2070 SUPER Max-Q. 300Hz. Membrane keyboard. It has G-Sync.

    $ 2245

    Which one do I buy?


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