Cyberpunk 2077 REVIEW – A *MUST PLAY* In 2021? | (Console + PC Review)

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Cyberpunk 2077 had a very bad launch. Plagued with glitches and bugs, the game
was in a very much unfinished state. 7 months later, after many updates, has this changed? Find out in this 2021 review of Cyberpunk 2077 which includes an overview of gameplay and performance on PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5, Xbox 1, Xbox 1X, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S!

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0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Story
1:32 – Immersion + Map
2:15 – Gameplay
3:11 – High Tech Computers – Link in Description!
3:39 – Side Missions
4:14 – Cyberpunks Downfalls
5:22 – Glitches + Performance
6:50 – Conclusion
7:41 – Outro – Thank You For Watching!

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21 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 REVIEW – A *MUST PLAY* In 2021? | (Console + PC Review)”

  1. So they finally added the ability to rebind the use key from "F" to "E". However, that's only in the main game, in the UI you cannot rebind it from "F" to "E", however if you changed it elsewhere, it will still prompt you to use the "E" key even though holding the "F" is is the only thing that will work. Also, apparently the elevator/lift buttons count as UI because of the mouse cursor, since you can't use "E" on them either, you have to press "F" still. This engine was designed by an alien.

    The car chase sequences are still fake. You don't have to fire a single shot to get through them, just watch the scripted events play out (I think the only exception are the drones during the Arasaka heist). The races are likely still fake as well, with contestants waiting patiently a short distance ahead of you if you come to a dead stop, and teleporting in right behind you when you're in the lead, and gunfire meaning nothing, as no vehicle can be taken out by shooting it during the race.

    You still have the waypoint at the El Coyote if you start as a Street Kid, which allows you to leave the Watson area during the lock down at the start of the game (you have to finish the section with Victor Vector first). As before, this doesn't activate gigs, or side quests in those areas, and any loot that's mission oriented won't spawn there. However you should be able to use the shops and engage in random encounters, though it's worth noting that CDPR seems to have modified the map to not show those locations in areas you're not supposed to be, so you'll have to look them up separately and drive there on your own.

    At one point I hit an out of bounds spot and it kept spawning me over and over onto a guard rail I couldn't get off of and the game didn't allow me to exit the vehicle until I had made myself sick re-spawning over and over until the car was level enough to hop out of. In addition, I once called the car to me, got inside, and the my car controls just didn't work, I couldn't move the car. I had hop out move further down the street and call the car over to me again so that it reset itself and I could drive it.

    Loot is still level locked, I submitted a screen shot just this morning of me finding a sniper rifle in the starting area right after talking to the ripper doc. I was level 2 and this was right outside the cyberware tutorial clinic and the weapon had a level requirement of 20. This is the start of the game, I'm level 2 and just finished talking to Victor for the first time, I explored right outside his clinic and found a sniper rifle that wants me to be 18 entire levels higher in order to even equip it. This system SUCKS! It also has no place in a single-player, open-world RPG.

    All of this is just the first like hour of gameplay, I haven't even really started the game yet.

  2. I do like the game, and the story but I do find the bugs and really poor A.I ruin my immersion during play. Fun, but god, if only the AI was less dumb. Even after multiple updates, A lot of the time enemies just stand there while you shoot them.

  3. All they added was a couple of Jackets and a car, Oh and of course Nerfing some of the weapons like the hand cannon and pistols.
    Started playing it again this morning and with in the first 5 minutes, bugs from launch where still present.
    The story is good, but from launch your responses and replies in conversations dont have any meaning, and only effects the endings, which basically all end the same anyway.
    Cops turning and firing on my character, as she just walked down the street, and not currently in any side or main mission. Immersion, what little there was , have been reduced even more, now with nerfed weapons and sponge enemies.
    Great video, but we need less DLCs and more fixes to the game, but at least Jackie doesn't walk through the elevator door in the very first mission. XboxSX.

  4. Why would it be a must play? It is still plagued by all of the stuff that ruined it at launch. Even if the game had zero bugs it would still be bland, boring, and as interesting as a beautifully wrapped pizza box. Your choices have absolutely no effect 99% of the game. You are shilling.

  5. Played it on Xbox one s since launch day, put 80 hours in the first week. Don't get me wrong the games buggy as shit and honestly was really hard to play at some points ( not difficulty as in because of the bugs) but it had an amazing story and world. I just really wish I could experience it at more than 5-25 fps

  6. so after all these months… they fixed it for the rich elitists with money to burn aka ps5 owners and high end pc owners… but fuck us lowly poor people who cant aford a ps5 or a high end pc… i really want to play it… so i am gonna try to download it one more time on ps4… (this will be my 5 try to play the game)… i will never and nobody should ever trust CDPR again… not saying i wont buy there new games (if they ever make in anymore after this shit show… lieing to investors and getting sued could shit can their whole company) but will need major proof that everything they make after this is working… cant and wont trust their lies… i hope its at least "playable"… i hate wasting what little money i have on lies…

  7. 0:47 the car being blocky and low polygon happens to me everytime I go through that montage u would think they catch that but oh well. It’s not that important but it’s right there u can’t miss it.


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