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My final review for CD Projekt Red’s “Cyberpunk 2077”

I received a copy of this game for free from CD Projekt Red. Despite this – I have provided what I feel are my true and honest opinions of the product in its current state.

You can purchase Cyberpunk 2077 for the PC through GOG using the following link. However – please understand that any purchases made through this link will go to benefit this channel. I advise that you consider my criticisms carefully before making a purchase. If you are interested in purchasing the game, use this link below:

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This review was created in a way that is intended to avoid any spoilers, and therefore will not cover any late game material specifically – though my criticisms still apply.

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45 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 | Review”

  1. Wouldn't listen to this review!!
    Straight up lies about dialouge, side quest, choice etc..
    Supposed to be an RPG but feels more like an open world action game, right off the back life paths are very underwhelming and have no real difference. Dialogue gives the illusion of choice, ultimately lead to the same outcomes more often than not. Side quest are extremely dry and repetetive. Customisation just isn't there and what is there is trash, at least he got that right.. Cyberware feels like it was almost completely scrapped, the only ones that have visual effects are arms and hands. Again no customisation so you can't have any crazy cyber arm like johnny. Bugs are huge but the biggest problems are gameplay issues all game mechanics and systems feel either broke, unfinished or just horrible direction. Mind you I'm on my second play through having some fun but its really starting to become more and more unenjoyable ..

  2. I’m enjoying the game, but man sometimes the bugs really annoys me, there are issues with some of the mechanics, like in the Witcher games, however it’s the stories that carries the game for me.

  3. uh,, 2:45, side missions..
    do we just ignore all the side missions strewn on the map that are as generic as is possible? they're of the same quality as radiant quests in, say, fallout 4 "another settlement needs help", but aren't radiant.
    Those side wuests that aren't generic are well made, but just ignoring the existence of most of the side quests in the game, really?

  4. When I heard all the negativity about this game I expected it to be one of the worst things I have ever played but I loved it. It's a buggy mess but their is more than enough good things like the story that I didn't really care. Fallout 76 and no mans sky were much more disappointing for me especially in terms of game breaking bugs.

  5. I bought cyberpunk 2077 despite knowing everything and I yes I bought it on the PS4 and I have to find the stuff out for myself it's going to arrive today since I bought it off on Amazon I got $10 off so that's good LOL I'm not as excited as I was before but I'm still pretty excited to play this title despite the bugs and the low resolution and the frame rate problems.

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  7. I'm playing on xbox one s and I haven't run into any bugs or anything like that, there are a few pop ins but with the new patch it'll get better, fps also improved, I wouldn't say 100% but I would say it's almost there. I was playing on xbox one s hotfix 1.05

  8. I achieved my goal of having a BiG iRoN with the twist of being hacker-man. Oh big group of enemies? Contagion, synapse burnout, suicide, and system reset. There they all go! Any stragglers? Meet my 2k dps tech revolver

  9. As we all know now, CDPRs management rushed Cyberpunk out before it was finished and polished and it should have never been released on last GEN consoles. Lets all hope Cyberpunk will receive the necessary updates, DLCs, full on expansions and the multi player game. Then and only then will this game be fully realized, appreciated and enjoyed. Top respect to the many amazing talented and passionate developers at CDPR. As for the persons responsible for rushing this game out before it was ready.. They should be removed from CDPR…

  10. Even without the bugs, I’ve found this game to be an undeniable letdown. Simply put, it’s nowhere NEAR as ambitious & groundbreaking as we were led to believe (a fact I don’t at all blame CDPR’s marketing on- I mean, every studio promotes their games with rose tinted glasses on). Everything you can do in this game, you’ve seen in other games before, oftentimes executed better & more ambitiously. So much of this game feels inessential and/or undercooked.

    It’s not awful by any means, but when you spend nearly a decade promising the moon, you better make sure you get there. Instead, 2077 feels much more familiar & formulaic than Witcher 3 did.

  11. The combat, and Character build systems in this game are great. I recently finished the game with a nomad character, and restarted with a corpo. Both where stealth characters.

    The nomad was Nonlethal, and He refused to use hacking beyond turning off cameras, and using them to mark enemies manually.

    My Corpo is a lethal stealth net runner build. That heavily relies on cameras to deal damage from afar. While also being competent in rifles should she need to clean things up herself.

    These two characters feel so incredibly different from another. I’m genuinely excited to finish up the game with a run and gun body Street kid Build.

  12. 7:00 I actually found that my character need to be over leveled to be competent at melee fighting compared to using ranged attacks. Fists and swords feel really unnatural. It is almost like CDPR was trying to combine the combat mechanics from the witcher 3 with the numbers based RPG mechanics from skyrim.

  13. Honestly this game has me mesmerized. Nevermind the bugs. It's huge open world game with tons of detail. Im personally glad I can play this on PC. It's more than good enough in its current state. Too bad people on older consoles can't play.

  14. I am really enjoying the game. I'm playing on PC with a 5700xt 1080p and all the settings default to ultra, and while it definitely looks better in 1440 or 4k, I think it looks amazing in 1080p as well. The melee, like you said, is disappointing but I'm trying out a dedicated melee build on my current run to see if theres some perks that maybe help make it better. My first run was a corpo sneaky hacker and tbh it really trivialized the game. By midway through the game I was basically killing people without even having to enter their bases, just using ping and quickhacks from outside (which also made all the cyberpsycho fights super easy just run and quickhack lol). As far as bugs, in my 80ish hours or so, I've only had the game CTD twice, and other than that there were a few visual bugs, and 1 time when calling V's car it just drove in circles super fast . Other than that I've found it to be a pretty smooth experience. BTW as far as stealth goes, I've found (usually) that if you smack a guy while sneaking up on him you can usually take them out stealthily in one, 2, maybe 3 hits, without having to grab them. Doesnt always work, but I think with the right melee perks and a high enough critical damage/chance you could probably one hit people from stealth without alerting nearby enemies.


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